NESN: You’re Just Not Good Anymore

NESN broadcasts are TERRIBLE!

By far this season has been one of the worst in my years watching the Red Sox on NESN. Obviously, part of that is still not having Don Orsillo. However, I actually don’t mind and feel bad for Dave O’Brien.

There’s been no question that Dennis Eckersley has been the best color guy in the booth this season, and sorry that does include Jerry Remy. But what in the world is NESN doing with the color chair

Jonny Gomes….REALLY?!

This whole rotating door at the color position has been awful. Gomes, Timlin, Boggs in Tampa this week. WHERE DOES IT END YOU PRICKS! I mean what is Jonny Gomes…

NESN has never been one to care about the content or sports lovers. We all watch CSN for a reason. However, we really don’t appreciate the morons who have never done TV before calling game you want us to watch. There’s a reason the ratings our down….and this team is in first place! I’m not saying it is Jess Mendoza level, but come on! It’s not even just the broadcasters either. The crap on the screen is just as bad.

Why in the world do I care about what a guy’s favorite song is, or random stats that I can just look up.

The worst part about all of this is the fact that they “stay in the ballpark” later in the game. WHO IS CLUELESS ENOUGH TO NOT KNOW WHAT GOES ON BETWEEN INNINGS?! Also, if you are going to stay in the park, then don’t play commercials and, I don’t know, analyze the game while watching the players throw the ball around? It doesn’t make me feel like I’m there if the field audio is off, the video is the size of Nick Quaglia’s dog, and the commercial is still on.

Here’s my recommendation based off my analysis NESN:


Written by: Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali)

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