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There are a lot of people who help make Couch Guy Sports what it is today. Want to get to know the people who make CGS what it is? Well, take a look below!

Nick Quaglia:

Originally from Dighton, MA, Nick Quaglia has been with Couch Guy Sports since day one. Why? Well, that’s because he’s the owner and started the blog after the Sox decided to pickup Clay Buchholz’s option and needed somewhere to let out my frustrations about it. Classic. Like many other CGS personnel, Nick grew up in Massachusetts and has always been a massive fan of all four teams. Growing up in the championship era for this city has been insane. The Red Sox are his number one, but he’ll talk and write about it all. Just give him a topic! Hit him up on Twitter @NickQuag and thanks for supporting the site.

Jared Scali:

Jared Scali comes to Couch Guy Sports from New Hampshire (Live Free or Die baby!!). Jared is the VP of CGS and manager of the CGS store. He joined Couch Guy after meeting Quags doing work at ESPN NH. You can find Jared co-hosting on the CGS podcast with Nick Quaglia. Jared is a baseball NUT (he watches most of the 162 game season) so naturally he is host of the Into the Triangle podcast with Al Nahigian. Jared is a born and raised NH native and is a diehard Boston sports guy. Hit him up on twitter to talk Red Sox or Ken Griffey Jr. any day of the week @Jared_Scali. When Jared isn’t on a mic or working hard on the store, you can find Jared on the volleyball court coaching travel volleyball.

Al Nahigian:

Al Nahigian is from Saugus, MA, He writes for CGS on Mondays and Fridays. Besides writing, he is also the Digital Content Director of CGS as well. When he doesn’t write, he hosts the Legends Lingo podcast and co-hosts the Into the Triangle podcast with Jared Scali. When he doesn’t write or podcast, you can find Al in the classroom or on the baseball field. He is working to get his Master’s in Elementary Education and coaches travel baseball/basketball along the North Shore of MA.

Caylee Allard:

To be announced…

Brent Buckley:

Brent Buckley hails from Reading, MA. His day job is being a talent management analyst for a tech and defense company. In his free time, he dresses like a bat and fights crime! He even calls himself manbat! On the serious side, you can find Brent writing blogs for CGS on Mondays and Thursdays. Brent loves any and all sports he can get, but his heart rests with Boston sports, along with college basketball/football.

Matt Burnett:

To be announced…

Pete Chatterton:

Pete Chatterton is proudly from Chatham, New Jersey and proudly roots for mediocre New York sports. After living in Massachusetts for the last 6 years (attended Gordon College for 4 years and lived here after), his aversion to Boston sports has only grown stronger. He continually holds out hope for a Mets World Series and a Rangers Stanley Cup championship. He is currently earning his Masters in Education in Special Education at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. Pete writes for CGS on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Tom “Powder” Cadmus:

Tom “Powder” Cadmus is from Danvers, MA and a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University. He writes for CGS on Mondays covering all things MLB. He is a Co-Host of The Legends Lingo Podcast, with Al Nahigian and Tom “Fiesta” Satham-Fisette, which talks about all Boston Sports. When he’s not writing or podcasting, he helps run a travel baseball league out of New England called the Elite Baseball League (EBL) and helps coach their national teams that travel to various parts of the country. There are many stories behind how he got his nickname, but the real one is he had too much sunscreen on my face and looked like a movie character.

Zack Connell:

Zack Connell is a CGS writer that comes from Ayer, Massachusetts. Zack is a recent graduate from Fitchburg State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Make sure to check out Zack’s CGS blogs every Saturday on the website. From basketball to football and miscellaneous things in between, Zack has you covered for a weekend blog.

Matt Desrosiers

To be announced…

Jess Donahue:

Jess Donahue is a Plymouth, Massachusetts native who is not afraid to state her opinion. Whether it be a food take or Monday morning quarterbacking, Jess is there to give it to you. She lives and breathes for the New England Patriots. Anyone who stans the McCourty Twins does not stan them half as much as Jess. Along with the twins, Jess is ride or die for Vince Wilfork. All of her football takes can be found on Mondays and Thursdays here on CGS. Jess also is a big helps behind the scenes with CGS social media. When not helping CGS, she also writes with a great group of ladies at PUCKer Up Sports.

Andrew Fasciano

To be announced…

Diego Galvis:

Diego Galvis was born and raised in Colombia. He immigrated to the the US when he was 12 years old with his family. He graduated from Burlington High School in 2010 and from Bay State College with a bachelors in Business in 2015. Diego is a huge Boston sports fan and has huge passion/love for the city of Boston! Diego is also a BIG soccer and WWE fan. Diego writes for CGS on Tuesdays and Saturdays. When he isn’t working or writing, Diego is also a local club DJ here in the city of Boston. Check out Diego here on the blog or out in the night life of Boston!

Mike Gilligan:

Mike Gilligan hails from southern Rhode Island. Gilli is a devout Boston sports fan through and through. Also, Gilli is the sole Rhode Island delegate at CGS, and thus can speak on behalf of the entire Ocean State in his blogs. Listen to his rants and ramblings on the Small State Big Takes podcast, as well as the new Verbally Committed college sports podcast under the CGS platform. Gilli drops blogs on Mondays and Wednesdays. When he isn’t blogging or podcasting, you can find Gilli screaming his head off at URI basketball games!

Chris Henrique:

Chris Henrique is from southeastern Massachusetts, selling sporting goods by day and blogs by night. He currently contributes to CGS on Tuesdays and Fridays, covering all sports. When he’s not tweeting, blogging, or podcasting; you’ll find a gin and tonic in his hand while watching sports. He is a diehard Red Sox, Patriots, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm fan. In addition to CGS, you can find more of his work on all New England sports over at Boston Sports Syndicate.

Zach Jezioro

To be announced…

Chris Jones:

To be announced…

Jake Kobierski:

Like Powder, Jake Kobierski is a Danvers, MA resident. He writes for CGS on Fridays, specializing in the New England Patriots and other NFL topics. He graduated from Framingham State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. In his free time, you can catch Jake playing in a men’s flag football league with some of his closest friends!

Nick Lanciani:

To be announced…

John McCormack:

John McCormack comes to us from Everett, MA. John is a staff writer for Couch Guy Sports who writes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. His blogs cover all sorts of topics from NBA, to golf, to video games, and just about anything else you can think of! When he’s not writing, John thoroughly enjoys playing basketball or dominating search and destroy in Call of Duty.

Lydia Murray:

Lydia Murray comes to us from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She’s a diehard Bruins fan who writes for CGS on Wednesdays. In addition to writing about hockey, she loves playing it, listening to music, going to concerts, and playing with dogs. She’s also a huge fly-fisherman and spends her summers at her family’s remote fly-fishing lodge 94 miles from the nearest town in the wilderness of Labrador, Canada. In addition to CGS, you can find her work over at PUCKerUp Sports and BlackNGold Hockey.

Fred O’Brien:

Fred O’Brien was born and raised in South Boston, MA. Fred currently writes for CGS and publishes every Thursday. He covers all things NFL and likes to put his focus into one sport to give out better content for the followers of CGS. Fred has both his Bachelors and Masters in Business Management and is a Sales Training Specialist at UniFirst Corporate HeadQuarters in Wilmington, MA. In his spare time, Fred likes to stay active with physical fitness and spend time with his family, friends, and his Australian Shepherd, Brock.

Kevin Perdios:

Kevin Perdios comes to us from Braintree, MA, I write for CGS on Fridays and Saturdays. When he doesn’t write, Kevin is working on getting his Masters online in Athletic Administration at Ohio University. Kevin is also a high school baseball coach for Archbishop Williams High School in Braintree, MA. He also is the head coach of the 10u team for the Braintree Bandits AAU Program. Catch Kevin on the field or on the blog every Friday and Saturday!

Jarrod Ribaudo:

Jarrod Ribaudo is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and he loves writing about all things sports. A unique thing about Jarrod is that he’s a Cincinnati Bengals fan born and raised in New England. It’s a long story as to why, but he developed thick skin hearing verbal jab after jab from his friends when his team had to compete with the greatest dynasty in NFL history. When he doesn’t cry about how bad the Bengals are, he loves listening to music, hanging out with friends, and watching TV (The Wire is his favorite show). He writes for CGS on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Connor Ryan:

Though his friends call him Jackie Daytona, we have Connor Ryan from Rhode Island #ChargerPride. Connor now is a proud member of the Midwest. You can read what Connor thinks about every Wednesday and Friday on Couch Guy. He also co-hosts our college sports podcast, Verbally Committed. This podcast covers everything in the college sports world. When he isn’t writing or podcasting, Connor’s day job is being a play-by-play radio broadcaster for a pro minor league independent baseball team called the Sioux City Explorers. Connor has some firm beliefs including; Deflategate was a witch hunt, if Brady is a system QB it’s because he is the system, the Celtics would have won in 2010 if it wasn’t for Rasheed Wallace, Scott Frost will return Nebraska to glory, there was not a second left on the clock in the 2009 Big 12 Championship game, and he hates Colt McCoy.

Tom “Fiesta” Satham Fisette

To be announced…

Pat Shuman:

Pat Shuman originally comes from Weymouth, MA. He’s a Boston sports fan through and through. He lives in Bedford, MA with his (Philadelphian) wife Alison, where they have to divide their house based on their our sports allegiances. When he’s not writing about obscure baseball players, stats, and hot takes, Pat’s working on getting his Masters of Arts in Theology degree at Gordon Conwell Seminary in Wenham, MA.

Heidi Thomas:

Heidi Thomas is a transplant from Old Saybrook, Connecticut as she currently lives in Dracut, MA. You can find Heidi talking hockey every Saturday here on CGS. She was a hurdler in high school and at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. She’s ridden horses in her spare time, for about 14 years! When she isn’t writing, hurdling, or writing, Heidi can be seen playing with her Greyhound named Berkeley, who always keeps her laughing.

Justin Trombino

To be announced…

Bradley Whitesell:

Don’t let his allegiance to the Yankees confuse you. Bradley Whitesell, who is from the small town of Plattsburgh, NY, is a ride or die Bruins fan. During the season, he can be found at the Garden or screaming, “shoot the puck,” at his television. His love for sports can be matched with his love for his two beagles, Bruin and Bella. Bradley loves to hike and play video games in his spare time. Keep an eye out for his work on Wednesdays!

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