The Bachelorette Episode 3 Recap

This season of the Bachelorette is starting to heat up. Week one was your standard introduction. Too many names and faces to keep up with. Week two was all sorts of awkward and cringe, but nothing super dramatic happening.

This week we get most of the build up to what should be one of the most dramatic episodes in the entire shows history.

So of course I am here to help set the table for you. If you haven’t caught all the way up yet, be sure to read my recaps for episode one and episode two.

What I Expected From the Most Immature Contestant Ever

It was one of the biggest questions of the previews. Who yells at Clare “I expected more from the oldest Bachelorette.”

Episode one I wanted to peg it on Yosef who had major red flags, but instead went with fart proposing Zach to try and open up the competition.

But then after last week’s episode with Yosef calling Clare crazy and then vowing to bring up the strip dodgeball game to her personally it made it pretty obvious who was the culprit. It’s that piece of trash Yosef.

This guy is just the absolute WORST type of person.

First it’s like every 2 minutes he has to remind you that he has a daughter. I would actually be fascinated to know if he is an actual father to her or if he just uses that as a sympathy play.

I need the internet to do some digging on that for me.

Kudos to Clare for immediately spiking that back in his face too. He’s had to spend time away from his daughter to be on a reality television show. Yeah by the way pal, her Mom is literally dying, but sure you have it super rough.

He also kind of kept going on and on and on about it. You made your point pal wrap it up. Clare didn’t do herself any favors later in this episode in terms of sympathy, but I do credit her here for sitting there as long as she did listening to him repeat his own demeaning points over and over.

Seriously, the conversation should have been as simple as,

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable or responsible playing strip dodgeball for you, I don’t see how that weeds out the competition of who is a good husband or not, I hope there is nothing like that involved for dates in the future.”

Boom done, I didn’t call her classless, I didn’t have to bring up my daughter who I again hold doubts about whether he’s a real father to, and I handled an awkward situation with dignity and respect for both sides.

Eventually Clare tells him that’s enough. He tries to say she was interrupting him. Buddy you talked for five minutes straight calling her classless, the fact that your nose is unbroken is a win for you.

And as he leaves he yells at her “I expected more from the oldest Bachelorette.”

Clare is so shook up by the event that she cancels the rest of the cocktail party and goes straight to the rose ceremony. Which sucks. Because of Yosef being a douche, some decent guys got sent home without getting a last chance to impress Clare.

Personally I am glad Yosef is gone. He was a cancer and a giant red flag since night one (justice for Tyler C.) And he showed his true colors. He thinks he’s above everyone, doesn’t respect women and once someone rejects him, he turns on them to hide his own insecurities.

Yosef is the absolute worst type of person.


Zach Gets Kicked Off Awkwardly as Possible

This week fart guy Zach got the solo date. It was a sort of crappy solo date. Now granted with COVID they aren’t traveling to Paris and having dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower but they had like a spa day at Clare’s personal villa, suite thing.

She said that she was not feeling sparks on the date which is fine. That’s what these dates are for. Getting true one on one time to decipher, is this guy really for me?

The date sucks so Clare suggests that they freshen up before dinner. And she leans in for a kiss and well, watch to see what happens.

Okay, so first thing is first. He did not pull away from that kiss. Not sure what happened there, if she expected him to lean in more and really go for it, or if she got carried away and then realized her mistake.

I’m guessing it’s the first scenario, she was expecting him to really go for it after she made the first move and he didn’t so to her that means he pulled away but upon further review he did not.

It gets so much worse, and so much more awkward after this though.

Because then Zach grabs her neck, her stomach, multiple times trying to pull her back in for a kiss when clearly the moment has passed and she doesn’t want to.

I am giving Zach a small benefit of the doubt here. He’s panicked, he realized he might have just lost his chance at winning her over, he is not thinking clearly. I don’t believe he is the type of guy who uses physical force to sexually assault women.

With that being said, what he did is 100% not okay. He is forcibly grabbing her neck trying to pull her in for a kiss and she is clearly against it. Doing it one time is possibly a mistake but continually doing it I am sure is frightening.

And that ends up being true. Clare expresses later on that she felt frightened by that exchange. Feeling awkward is one thing, we’ve all had awkward encounters. Hell, I still have them with my wife.

But to be afraid or frightened of someone that you’re suppose to be dating and or attracted to is a completely different thing.

So Zach got freshened up and ready for dinner only to end up having Chris Harrison sit across the table from him rather than Clare. Harrison expressed to him how the exchange made Clare feel uncomfortable and sent him home.

No dinner, no rose ceremony, bags sent packing.

Again I can’t blame Clare for that move. After an experience like that would you ever feel comfortable seeing him around the villa again? Even if it was a god honest mistake? That doubt and fear would always be in the back of your mind.

Hoes Before Bro’s

There is a clear front runner this season. It’s Dale Moss. The rumors are that he and Clare were talking to each other before the show even started which is a clear violation of the rules and gave him a head start on everyone.

Episode one, when she finally met him face to face she says “I think I just met my Husband.” And he gets the first impression rose. Shocker.

After Yosef’s outburst at Clare, who is there popping out of the bushes to console her? Dale.

And Clare even says how amazed she is that he was right there to comfort her. Although I am sure a few of the other guys did the same.

So on the next group date, Dale is on the card as well as some other prominent names. The guys figure it out that it’s basically all of her favorite men chosen for the date.

However Clare shirks off her Bachelorette duties and leaves them all hanging, all day long. She later catches up to tell them that she’s canceled the actual date activity in lieu of a longer cocktail party. Which is fine, that’s really where the connections are made anyways.

Dale makes a speech at the start of the cocktail party about respecting each other and basically telling everyone don’t be the next Yosef. And then proceeds to be the first one to spend time with Clare.

And they proceed to be like horny high schoolers and make out for, from what the other guys say anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

Until Eazy finds them and breaks up the party.

And even then, Clare who just wasted everyone who isn’t named Dale’s time says “Can we speed up the rest of the night?” Proving that she has no care or regard for any of the other men.

And then Dale does himself zero favors when he comes back, smiling from ear to ear. Read the room bro. You’ve been gone for an hour with the Bachelorette while every other guy has gotten like 20 minutes with her combined over the last week.

And then things get worse for Dale and the Bro’s.

So Dale crashes another guys time with Clare. Everyone is already frustrated about the lack of time with Clare, and then Dale gets even more.

And he even gets pretty much caught making out with Clare which definitely doesn’t help him.

So naturally the group brings it up to him and his excuse was “I got lost on my way to the bathroom.”

What are you doing? What kind of excuse was that?

Like Eazy said, if he just manned up and said, rules are meant to be broken and I went back to put my tongue down Clare’s throat then the guys probably would have respected that a little more.

Also apparently Clare has a pair of Dale’s pants and smells them???


Like why do you have those? And why is your first inclination to sniff them?

Boom Roasted

So after that group date, Dale’s missteps gets brought up to the rest of the house. Where he says it’s all about brotherhood and respect, yet he’s already broken multiple rules to tilt the scales so far in his favor that it looks like the Titanic sinking.

The next group date is a roast. Guys are suppose to roast on each other with the crowd being the other men who are not on that date.

Which means, yup, Dale will be there. So on a date that Dale wasn’t even invited, he still makes the biggest impact.

So frustrated with baby ears the men take out their frustration on him through the power of comedy.

As Michael Scott would say, Boom Roasted.

Moments after Clare says not to take any jokes personally, that it’s all in good fun, she takes things well, super personally.

Guy after guy rips on Dale for being Dale. And it was nothing extremely rude, no one made fun of his looks or anything like that. No swears or names were hurled at him.

If only they had this ammo to work with, oh my god.

Bennett went after him most of all, his entire set was dedicated directly at Dale. To which Clare did not appreciate.

However, if you go back to my recap of episode one, you will find that I was on the Bennett train since day one.

But Bennett made himself a fan favorite after this episode for how hard he went after Dale during the roast.

Post, roast Clare is clearly upset about all of the digs taken at Dale. Which the guys had every right to do. Dale has been walking around and acting like he’s better than everyone else. And while the most important person to those men, Clare, sure thinks so he needs to tone it down a little.

But at the cocktail party Clare can’t stop talking about Dale. She wants to figure out why the guys went after him so hard during the roast.

She starts with Bennett, who even tries to steer the conversation away from Dale in a classy manner. But Clare isn’t having it, she asks every single guy she talks to why they made jokes about Dale.

It’s not fair that they are already competing with Dale. But during a cocktail hour in which he isn’t there, he dominates the conversation.

As a contestant what are you suppose to do? It’s an unfair, rigged game and if you call Clare out for it she won’t take it exactly well I’m assuming.

To make matters worse, come the end of the Dale themed cocktail hour, Clare neglects to give ANYONE a rose. Claiming she didn’t get what she needed from the guys that night.

They were literally punished for doing the date. And then for her steering every conversation they had towards Dale.

She then walks away with the producers calling Dale her fiancé.

It’s game over. There is no competing with that, she’s already resigned to the fact that Dale is the winner and can’t talk about or focus on anyone else.

Episode Winner: Bennett

As I just mentioned above, Bennett has suddenly turned into the fan favorite. I’m not sure how much longer he sticks around for since I am assuming his head is first up on the chopping block for how many jokes he made about Dale.

Hopefully Clare’s season falls apart before that happens. 2020 has been rough, we all deserve more Bennett.

Episode Losers: Clare & Dale

I’m lumping them together because hey, in a relationship you win and lose as a team!

But Dale has clearly lost the respect of his fellow contestants. They’re done with his antics and fluff, political answers to everything. He took the roast pretty well I will give him that but he also deserved it.

Clare is the biggest loser of this episode. She has made it clearly known to America that it is Dale or bust right now. She has zero respect for the other guys who are there for her.

This episode I truly saw where people called her the worst Bachelorette. She has made this a rigged game while still fishing for compliments from the other contestants who clearly have a 0.0% chance of winning. It’s not fair and it’s disrespectful to them.

I’m guessing we have an episode or two of Clare left because…

Looking Ahead

Seems like there is a lot to unpack next week.

It seems like the Clare/Dale drama comes to a head, and the guys vent their frustrations to her. As I am sure Chris Harrison does to her as well. Her selfishness has lead her to this point.

I’m slightly worried about Jason in that clip. He went on a one on one date with her and talked about how he has some demons. And then during that clip he’s talking about “seeing a different side” of him. Yikes.

And then the bomb for everyone who isn’t plugged into the rumors, Tayshia is making her appearance on the show.

SPOILER ALERT, or if you aren’t comprehending what’s going on. Clare’s run as the Bachelorette is a short one. She messes it up in the span of four episodes and they bring in Tayshia, the new Bachelorette.

So we have that coming for us.

But next week’s episode should be a good one. So get your wine or as the wife and I do, champagne and get ready for the DRAMA.

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit/@YourFantasy_CGS)

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