The NFL Comes Down on Antonio Brown

The long drawn out Antonio Brown saga is finally over. HAHA just kidding no it’s not, just one of many,

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Verbally Committed, Ep. 8: No Beans Podcast, Featuring Erin Sorensen of Hail Varsity

THIS EPISODE OMG We have peaked as a podcast as we are joined this week by @erinsorensen and we cover

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The Sox Suck, Now Who Do We Root For?

What a surprise, the Boston Red Sox suck. You mean to tell me a team that didn’t make the postseason

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Dave Portnoy Interviews President Trump

It’s a wonderful Friday. Baseball is officially back today, the NBA exhibition season is up and running and Taylor Swift

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Verbally Committed Episode 7: What If I Told You Mascots Could Play Sports

Episode 7 is here people. While we sit around and wonder might become of college sports this fall with the

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