“This is SportsCenter”: Top 5 favorite Commercials

The “This is SportsCenter” commercials are some of the greatest commercials to air on TV. 99% of them are absolutely hilarious. ESPN definitely needs to look at bringing these classics back. With that said, here are my 5 favorite “This is SportsCenter” commercials (in no particular order).

1. Alex Ovechkin; The Russian Spy

In full uniform, Alex Ovechkin is in the ESPN offices getting some late night filing done when Steve Levy comes in and interrupts. Levy makes a comment about how sus it is that Ovechkin is filing in the dark. Naturally, the only conclusion Levy (jokingly) comes to is that Ovi is a Russian spy. He laughs it off, but once Levy leaves, Capitals teammate, Semyon Varlamov opens the ceiling tile and drops a rope down. Ovi hooks himself in, and it was like he was never there.

First off, there needs to be more hockey marketing, and I think ESPN has the right idea here. The NHL needs to learn to take the faces of the league (Ovechkin, Crosby etc.) and plaster them everywhere. However, in a more lighthearted manner, this is the perfect way to play with a topic like this. What makes it even better is that Ovi plays in our nation’s capital, so they really better watch out.

2. Josh Hamilton and Mr. Met

Watching Josh Hamilton dominate the 2008 home run derby is something that I will never forget. The guy has quite the story (unfortunately it as turned bad again), and the derby was the pinnacle of his recovery. As Hamilton wrote in his book, people would chant “Josh does crack” while he was with the Reds, but then chanting “Hamilton, Hamilton” all night during the derby. Well, one guy was not happy with Hamilton’s performance, and that is Mets mascot, Mr. Met. Apparently, some of the derby balls he hit were Mr. Met’s cousins. It is going to be hard to forgive Hamilton for something like that.

3. Henrik Lundqvist and the Swedish Chef

ESPN just hired a new chef for the cafeteria, and apparently the only guy who can understand him is Henrik Lundqvist. The Swedish Chef decides to bring his culture to the ESPN Office, but only the fellow Swede knows what he is saying. Some of the anchors are not too happy with the different cuisine, as the Chef is only offering pickled herring for lunch. Lundqvist seems right at home with another Swede in the building.

4. The New Jersey Devil; “Going Down?”

This one is so simple but so effective. One of the SportsCenter anchors is seen waiting for the elevator, and when it finally opens, there stands the New Jersey Devils mascot. There are only 2 words in the whole commercial. The anchor simply asks, “Going up?”, but the Devil just stands there and slowly shakes his head back and fort.

5. Landon Donovan and the Copier

I am a big fan of the simpler the better when it comes to these commercials. United States soccer star, Landon Donovan, is trying to make a quick copy. But as we have all experienced, technology fails us when we need it most. However, the copier does print something. It prints a yellow card once Donovan gives it the tried a true tap with the foot. Once he complains, however, the printer hits him with the red and Donovan has been sent off. Truly unfortunate to see.

Final Thoughts

There is no bad “This is SportsCenter” commercial. They are all comedy gold and never fail to produce a laugh when I need one. This list could go on forever, but for now, I leave you with these five. Here is a link to a compilation of all the top commercials. Whenever you need a laugh, and we could all use one right now, I highly recommend tuning into this.

-Pete Chatterton (@Phat12)

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