This NFL Season Is Fake And Dumb

Much like the NBA and MLB, the results of this NFL season are unquestionably tainted.

If you argue they aren’t you lack both logic and a clear head.

At best, any championship is asterisk championship.

And no, your favorite writer is not correct in saying “this was the hardest season ever.”

That’s recency bias and trying to make the best of things – but it is a lie we will all acknowledge in a few years, unless you are a Dodgers or Lakers fan, maybe.

All that being said, the NFL season is the most fake a dumb, and here is why.

COVID Did Not Allow For Any Preseason

Newsflash to anybody who has never tried to be good at anything, you need practice time to get good at something.

Not only that, but there is no better experience than actually doing something.

You know what gets you good at presentations? Presenting things! You know what gets you good at football? Playing football!

We needed at least a few preseason games to get going here, and it really did not happen this season.

This allows teams with easy schemes or continuity to have a wildly unfair advantage this season.

At minimum, the first two games are a complete wash for the NFL season for this reason.

How can a team with a new coach beat a team with a full season or more of playing together behind them?

Of course, it can happen, but on a whole it is a huge advantage. This is especially true for a team like the Patriots, that relies on a complex scheme and knowing your role more than crazy athletes like the Chiefs.

The Chiefs offense is just “be fast and athletic and let Mahomes get it to you.” That’s it. Anyone could be in it who was athletic enough and succeed after a few days.

No need for a preseason to run a “go” route.

COVID Messing Up Schedule

Games have been moved all around.

Short weeks have occurred (bad for players), and violations in protocol have been made with little consequence. 

The Titans, for example, were fined 350k.

This is obviously ceremonial! If another team had this issue they can miss key players and lose a game. The Titans should also have a penalty that matches the impact of a loss during with will almost certainly be a less than 16 game season.

If this season goes to 16 games…well…my goodness will the season be fake. Who knows what chicanery would have been necessary to finish all 16 games.

Short weeks, no practice, closing facilities, and yet the NFL pushes on. What are we doing here.

It is radically unfair to teams with COVID issues and so obviously about money it is sickening.

People are dying but hey, got to go to the stadium and catch a game.

MVP Or Any Awards Race

Are we really going to say any award means as much as usual.

“It was rough circumstances, and they made the most of it! That is harder!”

Tell that to the QB who missed 2 games due to COVID, even when they didn’t have it, and say that to their face.

“Staying healthy is a skill.” Tell that to the hundreds of thousands who have died.

You’re a clown if you believe that.

Every award is ludicrously tainted. They don’t matter as much as usual, and won’t in future annals.

Don’t let any fans blinded by personal success this season fool you.

This NFL season is fake a dumb.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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