Benches Clear in Mets and Nationals Game

We are two games into the season, and we have our first benches clearing kerfuffle. Nationals pitchers hit James McCann

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Boston Red Sox: Kyle Schwarber crushes his eighth leadoff homerun this season

Kyle Schwarber may not look like your prototypical leadoff hitter, but his numbers certainly tell a different story. The new

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COVID Spoils Mets and Nationals Opener

The Washington Nationals have multiple COVID cases. Therefore, the opening day matchup between the Mets and Nationals has been postponed.

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George Springer Pimped a Home Run… That Wasn’t a Home Run Costing Him a Triple and the Astros a Run

You’re in the World Series. Your team is attempting to mount a comeback here in a game where your ACE

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WATCH: Bryce Harper Shattering His Bat And Still Hitting A Home Run Is Asinine

#BryceHarper breaking his bat on a home run might be the most preposterous thing I’ve ever seen in my entire

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