George Springer Pimped a Home Run… That Wasn’t a Home Run Costing Him a Triple and the Astros a Run

You’re in the World Series. Your team is attempting to mount a comeback here in a game where your ACE took the mound and got buried. George Springer has a guy on second base with one out and he blasts the ball to center field. And instead of sprinting out of the box, he pimps it like it’s a home run. And… well…

I really don’t care, I guess because I’m not invested in either team. But how does Springer not sprint his ass off the moment that he makes contact? Obviously the ball wasn’t a bomb that was a no-doubter, so you gotta HAUL.

With the way the ball bounced too, there’s a chance that he probably turns that double into a triple. He has the wheels to do it and if I’m an Astros fan, I’m pissed. It’s the World Series, man, and you’re facing a team who’s coming into the Series HOT. You’ve got to put your all into it, especially when you have a guy like Jose Altuve coming up right behind you who can mash. You lost by a single run. You just knocked in the go-ahead runner with this hit. And with Altuve coming up at that stage in the game, you know he would have just tried to lift a ball deep enough to bring you in from third to get that game locked at five apiece. Instead, he dogged it and left a run on base.

Not a great look from Springer. Ronald Acuña did the same thing earlier this postseason and it just made him look dumb, and he got dragged online. Now, this one’s a little less egregious… but again. If I’m an Astros fan, I’m pissed at Springer today.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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