WATCH: Bryce Harper Shattering His Bat And Still Hitting A Home Run Is Asinine

Listen, there are things that happen daily during a baseball game that confuses the hell out of me. I mean hell, we had Bartolo Colon flirting with a damn near no-no last night. Are we serious? And we always talk about the 8th wonder of the world… The fact that Colon isn’t in that conversation is bananas. Insane. Asinine.

Anyway, this video above of Bryce Harper going yard while his bat screams in agony is disgusting to me. How does one guy have this much power and is able to do this?

Harper might be my favorite player who is on another team. It used to be Chris Sale before he became a member of the Boston Red Sox and I damn near fainted at work. I was toast. I didn’t know what to do. There’s a shot for that to happen again with Bryce next season with the Sox and I’m telling you now, I’ll need a new pair of pants on deck if that happens. Come next offseason I will be carrying around a new pair of jeans in my backpack at all times just in case that notification shows up.  I need this in Boston.

Harper’s also a huge douche which make me kind of like a high school/college girl… Big fan of the douches. Big douche guy.

Bryce Harper… A-class STUD in the MLB.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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