While Everyone is Focusing on Cora, Let’s Look Elsewhere

The Red Sox are heading into the offseason searching for a manager after dismissing Ron Roenicke after this dreadful 60-game

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Is it Time to Entertain a J.D. Martinez Trade?

The Red Sox dropped another game last night, I know a complete shocker. The Red Sox are an American League

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Into the Triangle Episode 30: Andrew Benintendi to the IL, JD Martinez Future, and Phillies/Red Sox Fans Unite?

It’s episode 30 of Into the Triangle. That’s right folks, right after you’re done listening to episode 29…BOOM! We have

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Into the Triangle Podcast Episode 29: Recaps, Crying, and Maybe a Glimmer of Hope?

We have a few new episodes coming your way with the Into the Triangle podcast. It’s been a hectic (and

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Into the Triangle Episode 28: The Red Sox Stink at Baseball

Here we are! The latest episode of Into the Triangle is here and honestly, it’s not with great news. The

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