Jose Canseco wants a rematch against Barstool’s Billy Football

There was no fight bigger than Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier back in March 18, 1971, for the heavyweight title. At the time this was one of the most anticipated and hyped sporting events ever. Two undefeated boxers, it held name recognition that could draw boxing enthusiasts to the causal fan to their television sets. 

In the terms of sports and pop culture, Jose Canseco vs. Billy Football wasn’t an epic showdown. The hype leading up to the fight didn’t disappoint but Canseco surely did. 

At Barstool Sports “Rough N’ Rowdy”, Billy Football knocked Canseco to the canvas within seconds of the bell ringing. One half of the “Bash Brothers” was able to live up to his words, he took the loss but also earned a massive payday. 

That payday prompted controversy when Barstool founder Dave Portnoy accused Canseco of taking a dive. Reportedly, Canseco earned $50k guarantee for the fight and a whopping $1 million for the PPV shattering buy rates. 

Canseco refuted Portnoy’s claims that he took a dive and said he would let the world know what happened. The two traded jabs on Twitter, but the exchange barely lasted longer than the PPV fight itself. 

Was Canseco actually hurt?

Four days after Canseco announced he would show the world the truth, he took to Twitter to state his case. Canseco claims after he threw his first jab in the bout, he “blew out” his shoulder and pec muscle. He also claimed he dislocated his right shoulder when he hit the canvas and it popped back into place.

Following that break down, he tweeted he fell because his surgically repaired right knee gave out.

Canseco would show further proof of medical reports and pictures of his injuries. He claims that if his “injuries were this substantial, how could he have taken a dive?”

The question that should be asked is if Canseco was hurt this easily, how was he cleared to even fight in the first place?

Athletic Commission Investigation?

The West Virginia Athletic Commission is now investigating what exactly happened at the Barstool event. According to Play Michigan, the chairman of the West Virginia state commission said that they are looking into the fight. There is also speculation that West Virginia may not sanction any future “Rough N’ Rowdy” events. 

Portnoy accusing Canseco of taking a dive is a massive claim that could have implications. As sports betting begins to grow across the United States, state athletic commissions could have pause to sanctioning events that Barstool puts on. 

The hope is that this will get resolved with no legal action and future “Rough N’ Rowdy” events take place. There is another potential fight on the horizon between PFT Commenter and The Action Network’s Darren Rovell. 

Canseco vs. Billy Football, Part 2

On February, 17, Canseco tweeted he wanted a rematch with Billy Football, once he’s “healed properly”, that is. 

Billy Football has not responded to Canseco’s request. Barstool is not one to shy away from controversy but it remains to be seen whether Portnoy would want to work with Canseco again.

If this rematch happens, Barstool would undoubtedly crush PPV buy rates once again just because people would want to see Canseco go down again.

Canseco has not returned the request for comment. Shocker.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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