Rough N’ Rowdy 13: Billy Football shocks the world, knocks out Jose Canseco

You’re going to want to play ‘Gonna Fly Now’ from Rocky while reading this. The hype for the main event of Rough N’ Rowdy 13 was everything a promoter would want it to be. On Friday night, Barstool Sports Billy Football would face off against former baseball star Jose Canseco in a boxing match.

Canseco was confident, calm and cool leading up to the match. The level of cockiness that was exuding from Canseco should have given concern to Billy Football. Instead, the bell would ring and the Barstool intern would bring the noise to one half of the Bash Brothers and knock him to the canvas.


After all the hype, all the trash talking from Canseco, he would go down in 10 seconds. Canseco did a great job trying to sell this fight when everyone in the world knew he was going to get wrecked.


The only thing that hit real hard last night was Canseco falling to the canvas. Billy Football confidently said it all along, he had the reach. Above all he vowed to shock the world and beat Canseco and he lived up to his word.

“I think I’m gonna shock Jose. Jose has misjudged me and I think — as a lot of people would — they don’t actually know who I am and what I can sort of accomplish,” said the Barstool intern.

TKO Canseco

Billy Football put Canseco down, knocking the baseball icon to the canvas. Canseco getting knocked out wasn’t the only loss he took that night. Barstool blogger Frank the Tank continued on the onslaught by trolling Canseco with a picture of him and his daughter Josie.

Canseco should have had his twin brother Ozzie Canseco stand in for him last night.

Not to mention, it wouldn’t be the first time he would have used his twin brother. Back in 2011, the Canseco twins were accused of a bait-and-switch for a fight scheduled at the Hard Rock nightclub. 


The fight was predicated on the ongoing beef between Canseco and Alex Rodriguez. Barstool Sports floated the idea of Canseco fighting at Rough N’ Rowdy and volunteered Billy Football.

Both fighters would talk about respect,”He’s gonna end up respecting me and hopefully at the end of it, we can go hunting Big Foot together. But first, we got some stuff to deal with it. It’s gonna be a great fight. I’m excited,” said Billy Football.

In the end, the young and agile Billy Football proved to be too much for the elder Canseco. As a matter of fact, the chatter is no longer about Billy Football knocking out Canseco, it was whether he took a dive. Nonetheless, if you followed this fight from the beginning it was hyped to last night, it was great to see Canseco get knocked out.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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