Patriots Potential QB Options

The Patriots have a huge decision to make at the most important position on the field this offseason. As we all know, they haven’t let even the smallest inkling out as to what their move might be. There’s rumors of players on the team, in the draft, trade targets, etc. Here are a few options that have been floated out in the media.


Cam Newton – This is everyone’s nightmare. After an 8 passing TD season, the Pats need something more than Cam Newton at this point in his career. He is a shell of what he once was. The need a QB that can make things happen with his arm to help their lack of weapons, and Cam hardly has an arm anymore. I wouldn’t mind if he stuck around to run some designed QB runs, and short yardage situations. Cam can’t be the starter on this team if they want to be successful next season.

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Jarrett Stidham – This looks like a long shot at this point. Stid barely got a chance at all last season, even with how terrible Cam played. That speaks volumes about Bill’s trust in what everyone thought might be his guy. Maybe this was all just a gimmick this whole time and they were hiding Stidham for this season. Stid seems like a longvshot at this point unless something goes terribly wrong.

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Mac Jones – Jones seems to be the guy everybody thinks the Pats might go after in the first round. He has proved he knows how to win, but with one of the best defenses in the country behind him. Alabama QBs don’t exactly have a great track record. AJ McCarron, Greg McIlroy, John David Booty. We haven’t seen a successful one since Ken Stabler. I don’t think he’s the best option.

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Kyle Trask – Trask is pretty raw, but he found himself at least in the heisman race. He has a lot of talent, but needs to work on his decision making. He had some incredible targets o throw to during the season, including the best tight end in the country. He fell to shambles in his bowl game without his weapons playing, and he looked horrendous. There are some ups and downs, but there’s no reason Josh couldn’t coach him up. They might have some later round guy Bill likes too, but if they go after a QB in the first two rounds Trask is the guy.

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Free Agency:

Jacoby Brissett – The Pats love bringing back backups that have been in their system before. Jacoby was a very solid QB, both with the Pats and the Colts when he became their unexpected starter. He is a great fill in when needed, ans he’s learned from many great vets over the years. He played under Brady, Luck and Rivers now. With the Colts trading for Carson Wentz, chances are they have no need to bring back Brissett.

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Ryan FItzpatrick – FItzpatrick was quoted on the Pat McAfee show saying he would be open to joining the Patriots if the opportunity presents itself. FItz would be the perfect bridge QB for the Patriots. They would get a solid 1-2 years out of him, and get some time to find the next guy. He would provide some thrills for a fan base that needs it. Plus he could finish his AFC East tour with the Pats.

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Marcus Mariota – There were rumors last year that Mariota was somebody the Patriots had interest in during free agency last season. He could fit the system that they put together for Cam last season. He isn’t the greatest option on the market, but he could be a nice reconciliation project for a couple years. He could end up being what they wanted Cam to be this year, and last season he was very impressive when called upon.

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Jimmy Garoppolo – Everyone’s favorite option. Bill would love to bring back Jimmy and prove that he was the right guy to draft and replace Tom. It might be a few years late, but if he can get his boy back and win some games. Jimmy G knows the system, and he would do exactly what the Pats need at the QB position.

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