#SoccerSaturdays: Your UEFA Champions League Champions – CHELSEA FC!

As one of the world’s most desired trophy competition ends, its time now to declare a champion of the Champions League!

Welcome back to another #SoccerSaturday. If you are a Chelsea fan, right now you should be smiling and living life like never before. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you, your UEFA Champions league champions….Β CHELSEA FC!!!Β 

In a game where many including myself didn’t think Manchester City would get taken down by the Blues, Chelsea came out and never looked back at anything. The drive of this team was sensational right from the start.

So, let’s get into the amazing story this team wrote and concluded with a beautiful ending today. Shall we?

The Renaissance of Chelsea as UEFA Champions League Champions

The London-based team started this 2021 season with a big purpose ahead of them.

After a trying and difficult period in the 2019-2020 season, the Chelsea blues knew they had to create a new story, regardless of what it would take to do so. As the 2020-2021 season approached, then manager Frank Lampard took on the duties of rebuilding a team with a strong purpose and drive. One of the most important factors for Lampard, was ensuring to provide Chelsea a sustainable future with youth and talent for many years to come.

Little then many knew, the club legend would give this team an identity that immediately made them instant Premier League Champion runner-ups. Frank Lampard would start the offseason with signings like Kai Havertz, Edouard Mendy, Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech just to name a few.

As the season would begin, Chelsea went onto a decent start but one that many question if the signings were actually worthwhile. Mid-point thru the season, as difficulties began to mount for Frank Lampard, the decision of his sacking would arrive earlier than expected. As the story would have it, Lampard would then be replaced by Thomas Tuchel! Tuchel, who had been in a pinch with PSG after many struggles, would get the opportunity of a lifetime, to rejuvenate himself but also this team.

Tuchel would then take the reigns and develop a renaissance feeling for many Blues fans but also in the clubhouse, where many of the players felt there needed to be a morale boost.

Continuing Their Story as Champion League Champions!

Once Tuchel took over Chelsea, this team never looked back despite a change in identity and some injuries faced along the way.

Tuchel would go on an undefeated streak with the team which pushed them up the standings from a 8th place to quickly becoming a top-4 ranking team in the English Premier League.

Speed forward towards the latter part of this season. Chelsea would go deep into the FA CupΒ and into the final where they faced Leicester City. Unfortunately for the Blues, this would be a tough battle as the Foxes defeated them. However, Tuchel knew this was just an opportunity to revamp his game plan and aim for a bigger purpose.

In the English Premier League, the team would struggle to keep themselves in the top 4 but managed to do so in the end. Then, there came the opportunity to fight for glory as they did today successfully! What an amazing story!

Key Factors of Chelsea’s Success!

While many would say some of the massive success that Chelsea has experienced comes at the hands of Tuchel and Lampard, I have to highlight another amazing story. As you can see, N’Golo Kante has been a significant and inspirational story of true grit and fight for a team that needed that big time. Kante, who has experienced pain and defeat in his life but also has tasted glory and its victory has been a gigantic asset to the success of this team.

The World Cup champion has served Chelsea in a fantastic manner. Especially, as he managed to be the brainpower behind the Chelsea attack. Kante’s contribution to the team aside of his amazing talents has been the way he leads and many would argue that the French should truly be considered one of the best midfielders in the world. However, as I think of Kante, I also think of another hero for this team which comes in the form of an American.

Christian Pulisic!Β 

Another monumental piece to the Tuchel success story in this club. The American who today made history in becoming the first-American to ever play in a Champions League final, also went onto making history by winning it! In addition, the American had gone thru a bit of a tough stretch with a team he once considered leaving.

During the Lampard leadership, Pulisic quickly fell out of favor for Lampard and was being heavily under-utilized. Along came Tuchel, who knew Pulisic from his time at Borussia Dortmund. Tuchel managed to repurpose the American but also make him a key piece to the puzzle of his offensive scheme of things.

Since Tuchel took over, Pulisic became a serious issue for teams across the EPL.

And now – An Amazing Ending!

There is nothing you could say right now about this amazing Chelsea team and their story.

As a fan of the game, this is exactly the type of moment you wish to live sometime in your career as a footballer. If you think of the many challenges this season, this Chelsea story is truly a feel-good one. A team that overcame the challenges of a terrible pandemic, major management changes, serious injuries and a wild ride altogether. Nevertheless, the adventure in itself was one that at this time should feel worth everything!

Chelsea, there is only one thing left to be said. Congratulations on your Champions League title!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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