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Tuck Rule Takes Ep. 58 – Thanksgiving Heartbreak


The Patriots served their fans some Thanksgiving heartbreak this year as they lose 33-26 to the Vikings. Whether it was missed calls, bad calls or simply bad play, there is a TON to break down here. Joined yet again by Big Al, the guys dive into the Minnesota game by starting with Mac Jones’ great performance. That leads to the ever-present conversation about Matt Patricia and how his offense has looked this season. And how much blame should he really be getting? This debate gets a bit heated. Also, while it’s never good to blame officiating for a loss…don’t you kind of HAVE to put some of it on the officiating in this game? Lastly, the biggest game of the season is rapidly approaching as the Bills come to town on Thursday. The guys give their takes on that contest and who they think it going to pull out the win. Spoiler alert: the Red Jersey’s get brought up. All that and more on this weeks jam packed episode!

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