Patriots v.s. Chiefs Preview

The Patriots are coming off of one of the ugliest games they’ve played all season. The offense couldn’t move the

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The Colts Showed the NFL How to Beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

Last night on Sunday Night Football, the Indianapolis Colts shocked most of the NFL world by defeating the Patrick Mahomes

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AFC Championship Preview: Patriots v.s. Chiefs

Well the Pats are here. It’s their birth right of the Brady/Belichick era, going to the AFC Championship. There are

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Will Sunday be the Start of Kansas City’s Dynasty

Kansas City has a chance to start something great for their organization this Sunday. They are taking on one of

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What team has the best chance to pulls off the upset in the Divisional Round

It’s going to be a good weekend for football. There are great match-ups across the board and anything could happen

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