Patrick Mahomes’ Contract: A Plus or A Giant Obstacle?

As many of you know by now, Pat Mahomes just got filthy rich after his 10-year contract extension.

I mean for crying out loud, $45 Million/year for 10 years? That is insane and more than a fair reason to truly celebrate. Just ask Andy Reid!

In all seriousness though, as the future of the NFL unfolds, how does this Mahomes deal affect the NFL? Let’s take a look shall we?

Positive effect of the Mahomes Deal?

One of the many positives this deal has for the rest of NFL, is that the amount of young talent that has been coming out of the most recent drafts has been astonishing.

Taking a deeper look at the QB position. I mean you are looking at many of the currently active NFL quarterbacks benefiting from this contract. As an example:


It is of no secret to anyone that while Jerry Jones tries to negotiate a contract with Dak Prescott, the money that will be asked for will certainly be up there or close to at the very least.

Dak has brought a good amount of talent to a Dallas Cowboys organization that seriously needed the boots. Tony Romo kept getting injured, there was no serious backup QB available to him and the offense needed a breath of fresh air. All of the sudden in the 2016 draft, 4th round, here comes Dak Prescott and boy has he put up quite the damage. Over the course of the past 4 years in the league, Dak has managed to put the following numbers in the league:

7.6 Passing average, 97% passing rating, 97 TDs, 64 Games played and started, a 40-24 regular season record and lets not forget he is a 2x pro-bowler (2016, and 2018). Yep, if I was Jerry Jones and want the Cowboys winning a Lombardi trophy, he is the guy I want to build the team around.


Baltimore Ravens: A New and Improved Lamar Jackson

Just saying his name, I immediately think that this guy is the next NFL legend. I would be insanely happy should Jackson ever decide to come to the Patriots!!

In all seriousness though, this guy could be up for some serious serious money after the stellar start to his NFL career.

Should we look at his numbers?

104.7 passing rate, 1900 rushing yards, 12 rushing touchdowns, Pro-bowl MVP in 2019, and a myriad of NFL records just last year.

Why wouldn’t Lamar Jackson be up for some serious contract money when he has to negotiate for it? One would be crazy not to put a franchise-tag on this man as well as a hefty contract in the likes of $50 million a year. Heck if I was the Baltimore Ravens, I absolutely would give it to this guy. Continue to stack the team in the drafts. It gives you many possibilities of winning a Super Bowl. Probably in less than 2-3 years at Lamar’s pace!


How The Patrick Mahomes Contract Extension Affects Deshaun Watson ...

Yes, I can absolutely see this kid making some serious dough in the NFL.

While I don’t think it would be with the Texans, I do think he could be the next QB in a team that needs his talent desperately. A team in the likes of a New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, heck maybe even the Detroit Lions.

Deshaun is so capable. But he needs the proper tools to do so. Unfortunately, Bill O’Brien messed up big time by letting DeAndre Hopkins go. That could be poisonous for the Texans as they need more depth in the WR department.

Negative Effect of this deal?

I would personally say that there really isn’t much at risk here.

There are only a couple of things that I can think of and that could go wrong here.

  1. The current pandemic climate that we are facing could very well cancel the NFL season this year. In which point, I am not sure the Kansas City Chiefs would have the dough to dish out $45 million immediately. Especially if no fans allowed! My gut tells me we will hopefully be over this hurdle by October time. However the surge in positive cases continues to be a reality we must face.
  2. As horrible as this may sound, it is also a VERY realistic point. What if Pat Mahomes gets injured? Us Patriots fans already went down this road, when Drew Bledsoe got a nice contract at the time but a career-ending hit put that contract immediately thru the shedder.

In conclusion, should COVID-19 continue its chaotic path and bring a horrible economic crisis for the league? I can see this contract becoming more of a huge problem for the Chiefs organization. Otherwise, unless Pat Mahomes can’t stay healthy, this contract would also be of a negative impact for the league itself and many outstanding QB’s.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)

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