Rick Porcello Takes Line Drive Off The Head, Finishes Inning Like A CHAMP

Imagine getting hit in the head with something. More than likely it’s going to hurt, right? Now imagine getting hit in the head with a line drive while playing baseball. This is the reality that Red Sox starting pitcher Rick Porcello experienced yesterday.

Porcello was pitching in a Spring Training game against the Chicago Cubs and took a line drive off of the head. After he was checked on by team doctors, he ended up finishing out the inning. There’s only one conclusion to draw after seeing all of that transpire: Rick Porcello is a CHAMP!

How Many Times Do You See Pitchers Finish Innings After That?

That’s right, not many. Pitchers usually exit stage right if they get hit in the head with a line drive like that. For Porcello, that wasn’t the case. This is a case of why the Boston Red Sox are who they are. They are tough, and do whatever it takes to win; even if it is only in Spring Training. (Yes, I know they lost this game; but you get the point.)

It Isn’t Only Porcello

The Red Sox staff has some tough guys that I wouldn’t want to mess with on a bad day. We all know what Chris Sale did in Chicago when he didn’t like the jersey choice. We also all know how willing Nathan Eovaldi was to pitch game 4 in the World Series, after throwing 97 pitches out of the bullpen the game (and night!) before. This Red Sox team has some stones and it is great to see going into the 2019 season.

In Conclusion

I’m glad to see that Porcello is okay. It is always tough to come back up right away from a line drive, especially to the head. I have been hit by baseball line drives in the head and they hurt…a lot. So for Porcello to bounce right back up and finish the inning is truly inspiring. Plus, did you see his reaction afterwards?

The Red Sox really might be a pack of psychos!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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