Into the Triangle Episode 49

It’s episode 49 of the Into the Triangle podcast! We have a special guest that joins us to talk all things Sox and some miscellaneous topics thrown in between. Get all of your Red Sox needs right here at Couch Guy Sports with this unique and hard-hitting podcast! If you need to catch up, here’s the link to our last episode.

Now let’s get into episode 49 details!

Guest This Week on Into the Triangle Episode 49

Our guest this week was none other than Mike Gilligan of Small State Big Takes and Verbally Committed. “Gilli” has been an integral part of Couch Guy Sports for quite a while now as a writer, editor, and podcaster. Now? He’s joining us to talk about his love for the Red Sox. Gilli is a die hard Red Sox fan like we are, so we knew he’d be a fantastic fit as a guest host this week!

Topics Discussed on Into the Triangle Episode 49

We get into a ton of different topics this week! Chris Sale is throwing and closer to returning. Hirokazu Sawamura has some hip soreness and we wonder what this will do to him in the short and long term. The Red Sox struggle against the Astros. Should we be concerned? Then, we get into some potential trade targets as the summer progresses on toward the trade deadline. There’s also some cookie talk (Zach ate a huge cookie!) and overall good laughs on this episode as well.

Where Can You Find Into the Triangle Episode 49?

Honestly, you can find us pretty much anywhere you go. If you scroll up to the podcast part of the page, all of our episodes are on there. We also can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and all of the other big podcast platforms that you can think of on the internet these days. Put in a little bit of effort on the google search machine and I think you’ll be fine!

Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of the Into the Triangle podcast, presented by Couch Guy Sports!

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