Into the Triangle Episode 48

The boys are back with another episode and it was a fun one. On episode 48, Zach gets abused but that’s nothing new. The Red Sox just swept the New York Yankees but the boys talked about a few topics as usual. We were all over the place but they had a great discussion about the Red Sox. But that’s enough of that, let’s get into what they talked about in the episode.

Topics Discussed on Into the Triangle Episode 48

Remember when I said Zach got roasted? Well Jared and Al accused Zach of not being a Red Sox fan. Everyone had a good laugh as usual and it was all in good fun. Starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez struggled in the month of May but rebounded Saturday night against the Yankees. Jared, Al and Zach discussed ERod’s performance and hopefully it’s a turning point for him. Speaking of struggling, Danny Santana has cooled off after starting off hot for the Red Sox. The guys decided whether or not he should be sent down.

Santana is the leadoff hitter for Boston and it’s been a minor problem for the team this season. However, there is a prospect in Triple A by the name of Jarren Duran. The guys discussed if it’s time for Duran to be called up and if he should be used as the leadoff guy.

Where Can You Find Into the Triangle Episode 48?

Honestly, you can find us pretty much anywhere you go. If you scroll up to the podcast part of the page, all of our episodes are on there. We also can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and all of the other big podcast platforms that you can think of on the internet these days. Put in a little bit of effort on the google search machine and I think you’ll be fine!

Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of the Into the Triangle podcast, presented by Couch Guy Sports!

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