Colts vs 49ers Fantasy Football Preview

It is week 7 of fantasy football! Sunday brings us some interesting matchups such as Jets vs Patriots, Bengals vs Ravens, Rams vs Lions, Eagles vs Raiders and many more. But the game that we will be waiting all day for is the Sunday Night Football matchup. This is the Colts vs 49ers fantasy football preview.

Must Start

Jonathan Taylor RB Colts

Indianapolis Colts' Jonathan Taylor ranked 9th among NFL RBs

Jonathan Taylor has had a hot 3 fantasy football weeks in both the rushing and receiving departments. This week is no exception in my opinion. Although the 49ers are at home and the 17th ranked defense against RB’s. Which is the toughest defensive opponent against the run since he started jumping up in productivity. Taylor is going to find the holes in this defense. If you are like me you may have spent a 1st round pick on this player and want him to show his worth of being a 1st round fantasy football draft pick. Expect his TD streak to continue and him to score in this matchup.

Others to Consider

Elijah Mitchell RB 49ers

Fantasy football waiver wire: Elijah Mitchell becomes 49ers' top back

Mitchell is back to being the 49ers RB 1. This week he faces a tough rushing defense that is ranked #5 in the Colts. Last week he had 9 attempts, this week I expect double digit attempts. This is for the people that may need a filler RB because of byes plaguing their team. If you do not have this issue he could be in the flex position. I think he is still finding his groove after coming back but the bye will prove beneficial. That extra time to rest and practice will show in his running ability. I think he gets back to rushing for over 50 yards, and if there is a rushing TD it is coming from him.

Michael Pittman Jr WR Colts

Michael Pittman Jr.: Fantasy Football Draft Sleepers | RotoBaller

Pittman has been the go to receiver for the Colts this year. Last week with Ty Hilton back his productivity did go down. Last week he only saw 3 targets, in which he caught 2 for 35 yards and he also rushed for 3 yards. This was his worst showing fantasy wise against the Texans none the less. However, Hilton has been ruled out this week. Which means Pittman will probably see double digit fantasy points again. In fact I have him scoring a TD again this week. If your needing a WR 2 or Flex option Pittman is someone to consider.


Carson Wentz/ Jimmy Garoppolo QB’s Colts/49ers

Carson Wentz vs Jimmy Garoppolo Stats Comparison | Career Side by Side Records

This one is a double dose because honestly I do not like either of these QB’s in this matchup. Wentz is facing the 24th ranked defense so he would be the better of the two but I think he is due for an interception. Not only that but he tends to be a QB that will get sacked. Jonathan Taylor will continue to be the factor here over Wentz. As for Garoppolo he is starting the game but has a calf injury. This offense also is run-centric. So do we expect him to pass a lot? I personally do not believe so. The Colts are also a low ranked defense against QB at 25. Despite the low ranking defenses against QB’s on both sides I believe both offenses plans will be the same… RUN!

Colts vs 49ers Final Thoughts

Personally I feel this Colts vs 49ers Sunday Night Football game will be pretty low scoring. Therefore for fantasy purposes I would not look towards this game for players besides the obvious starts. Want to stream defenses? I would not look at this matchup. But Sunday Night games have a potential to be a shocker so listen to my advice at your own caution.

Featured Image: Colts.com

~Josie Averitt (JosieAve on Twitter)

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