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Three players the Red Sox should look to trade for at the deadline

The MLB trade deadline is about two weeks away and the Red Sox will be involved somehow. Will they be buyers? Could they be huge into selling? Only time will tell. However, there are a few target that I would like to see the Red Sox pursue. After all, this Red Sox team should definitely NOT stay quiet at the deadline. Assuming that they add, here are three players the Red Sox should look to trade for at the deadline.

Red Sox trade deadline target No. 1: Josh Bell, 1B Washington Nationals

A common Red Sox trade target that a lot of sources are connecting to is Washington Nationals first baseman Josh Bell. Let’s face it, Bobby Dalbec and Franchy Cordero are simply not the answer at first base. So the Red Sox should be calling the Nationals about Josh Bell. He is hitting above .300 and you know…plays first base? He wouldn’t require a huge trade package. Maybe you can ship away Dalbec and a prospect? Nevertheless, Bell is a good hitter for average that can give you some stability at first base.

Trade deadline target No. 2: C.J. Cron, 1B Colorado Rockies

The Red Sox already poached one player away from Colorado in Trevor Story. Why not bring in another one? C.J. Cron made his first All-star team this season as a member of the Rockies. He has 21 homeruns and 69 RBIs, along with a .298 average. The Rockies are a team that is going nowhere. So why not get some value for one of their only All-star caliber players? Like Bell, Cron will actually give you a legit first baseman that can hit and play the position. Cron might have a little more power than Bell, which is a plus. So might as well call the Rockies and see what you can get for Cron.

Trade deadline target No. 3: Wilson Contreras, C Chicago Cubs

This is a little bit of a pipe dream. But nobody is talking about the fact that Christian Vazquez is a free agent after the 2022 season. The only downside is that Contreras is a free agent after the season as well. So if you wanted to trade for Contreras, a contract extension might be the play here. Contreras is one of the better offensive catchers in baseball and is a young talent. This could be a great move if the Red Sox ever actually tried to pursue it. It’s bold, but Chaim Bloom likes bold. It could work!

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: clutchpoints.com

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