The Brewers come to Fenway for a three game weekend series with the Red Sox

As the MLB season charges on, the Boston Red Sox welcome the Milwaukee Brewers to Fenway Park for a three game weekend series. The Brewers are fighting with the Cardinals for the N.L. Central crown, as of now. We all know the deal with the Red Sox. They are trying to fight for an A.L. Wild Card spot. So now that the table is set, let’s look at a few things to keep an eye on in this weekend series between the Brewers and Red Sox.

The Brewers offense vs. the Red Sox offense

This Is going to be an interesting matchup. The Brewers offense isn’t known to hit for a lot of average. Meanwhile, you have the Red Sox with some of the better average hitters in the league. It’s hard to pick against the Red Sox in this specific category. When the Red Sox offense gets going, they’re one of the best offenses in the league. But the question remains, will the Red Sox offense actually show up?

The return of Hunter Renfroe

This series also marks the return of Hunter Renfroe to the Red Sox after his trade last off-season. Renfroe was a huge part of the Red Sox success in 2021. Some even questioned why the Red Sox traded Renfroe away. Especially for Jackie Bradley Jr. of all people! But the past is the past. I don’t know how much Renfroe will play into this series. But don’t be too surprised if Renfroe hits one long over the monster, like he did last season.

Final thoughts/series prediction

This should be an entertaining series to watch. The Brewers have some good pitching all around. The Red Sox can counter it with some good offense. Tough to say who wins this series. But let’s take a shot at doing so!

Series Prediction: Brewers win 2 out of 3

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: ESPN.com

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