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Chris Sale dazzles in return to Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox lost a horrific 3-2 game last night. Like it was actually sickening to watch them lose. But one positive for the Red Sox was that Chris Sale made his 2022 season debut. Boy, did he not disappoint! Sale threw five shutouts innings in the loss. But it was nice to see Sale back on the mound in a Boston Red Sox uniform.

The left-hander looked to be in total control from the get-go. He had five strikeouts, while only giving up three hits and one walk. Very impressive for a guy making his first start of the season in July.

Chris Sale feels different with the Red Sox this year

What a quote here by Sale! Chris Sale is referring to last year in this quote. Last year, Sale was still shaking off the rust following his Tommy John surgery. Tommy John is something that takes quite a bit of time to get over. For a guy that was battling the aftermath of the surgery, he pitched well with a low three ERA in nine starts last season.

But this season feels different. It feels like this is the old Sale that Red Sox fans are used to seeing. The fastball was touching 96 and 97 MPH. His slider looked like his signature slider of years’ past. The changeup looked really good, compared to not having the feel for it in 2021. A non-broken Chris Sale is a huge benefit to this Red Sox starting rotation, especially with the stretch of games still to come.

In Conclusion

Chris Sale looked really good against a top team in the American League. It’s not like pitching against the Tigers, Rangers, or Reds. The Rays are one of the better teams in the American League. Now hopefully, Sale will take that momentum into the Bronx this weekend against the dreaded New York Yankees. This is a good sign for the rest of the season!

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: Boston Globe

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