Would Josh McDaniels be a good fit for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

It was no surprise that early this morning, the Jacksonville Jaguars fired now former head coach Urban Meyer. With multiple on and off the field incidents along with a 2-11 record, it seemed inevitable. So now the question is: who will be the Jaguars head coach in 2022? One name to keep an eye on: Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. McDaniels wants to be a head coach again, that’s not breaking news. But could Josh McDaniels be a good fit the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2022? Let’s deep dive into it.

Josh McDaniels Realizes the Jacksonville Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence

The Jaguars have a quarterback to build around in 2021 #1 overall draft pick Trevor Lawrence. McDaniels has done great things this season with rookie QB Mac Jones in New England. People probably think he could do the same in Jacksonville. If Lawrence has a good coach that can help him become a legitimate NFL quarterback, then that’ll benefit the Jaguars big time.

The Jaguars have a LOT of Money to Spend in Free Agency

The Jaguars will have a lot of cap space to work with this off-season. They can add some pieces around Lawrence and a guy like James Robinson to get the Jaguars back to where they were in 2017. Look at what the Patriots did this past off-season with the shopping spree they went on with guys like Hunter Henry, Jonnu Smith, Matthew Judon, and others. The Jaguars could make a few signings that really bolster their roster and get them back to a respectable, competitive level in the NFL.

But What About Mac Jones?

This is the tough part for Josh McDaniels. Mac Jones has shown he can run whatever offensive game plan the Patriots come up with in a given week. Look at the Bills game where he only threw three passes. How about the Cleveland and Jets games at home where he threw the ball a decent amount? Mac can adapt to whatever situation the Patriots think is best for a given opponent. Josh could wait until Bill Belichick retires and then get to coach Mac Jones in his prime years for the New England Patriots. Would that be enough to entice him to stay and not take a closer look at the Jaguars job? Who knows!

In Conclusion

The Jaguars job is appealing for sure. But does Josh McDaniels want to go into a situation where the organization is struggling? Remember, this is the same guy who accepted and then ultimately rejected the Colts coaching job. The Colts are a pretty good football team too! Nevertheless, the end of the season into the off-season will be interesting as always for the coaching carousel.

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~Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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