Who Could Replace Urban Meyer?

We learned earlier today that the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired Urban Meyer. Now as Jaguars fans prepare to move onto the 2022 season, the question now is, who could replace Urban Meyer.

Thinking about the opportunity presented, here are my top 5 candidates for the job in Jacksonville.

Immediate Candidates to Replace Meyer

Doug Peterson – Ex Eagles Coach

The 6 stupidest things said when Eagles hired Doug Pederson - nj.com

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If owner Shahid Khan is serious about wanting to create a winning culture in Jacksonville, then its a no-brainer to grant this man an interview. While Doug was let go from his job with the Eagles, let’s all kindly be reminded that this is the same guy who went and won a Super Bowl title against one of the toughest opponents of modern-day era, Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Peterson not only won a super bowl but did it also relying on his backup QB at the time. Peterson made history with a team that had never won a super bowl, that alone should ring a bell for the Jaguars. Yes, his last year with the eagles wasn’t impressive. However, who is to say that a second chance wouldn’t be one to grant to Peterson?

Eric Bieniemy – Kansas City Offensive Coordinator

When I look at Jacksonville, I immediately think offensive line adjustments are needed.

Offensively, the Jaguars have a foundation to begin with as previous #1 overall pick, Trevor Lawrence is now part of the organization. Building a strong offensive core around your QB should be an essential if not the utmost priority. Bieniemy is a tremendous offensive mind. if you don’t believe me, just look at the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense.

Keep in mind, this is a head coach candidate who also has a lot of experience coaching running backs. With Travis Etienne and James Robinson as talents in the backfield come 2022, Bieniemy should be receiving a call for an interview.

The only con here would be, who could Eric bring with him to help him with the defense? Defensively, Jaguars need some serious retooling.

Todd Bowles – Defensive Coordinator Tampa Bay Bucs

Personally, I think this is the guy that gets the job.

While he is a defensive coordinator for the Bucs currently, Todd has done a phenomenal job with that organization. Having won already a Super Bowl title with the Bucs defense, Bowles makes for a serious candidate having that in his resume. Unlike Bieniemy, I actually believe there isn’t a con for this guy.

Offensively, Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich, both work for the Bucs and have a very strong relationship. Should Bowles get the job in Jacksonville, it would NOT surprise me to see Byron join him. Two very young and inspiring coaches with great minds, having these two go to Jacksonville could rekindle motivation and inspiration in the locker room for the Jaguars. Something that is desperately needed after the disgusting and tumultuous atmosphere when Urban was there.

Another Option is…

Brian Daboll – Offensive Coordinator Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Brian Daboll offers accountability for offense, run game

(Image credit to Billswire.usatoday.com)

Frankly, Daboll is likely a top-5 candidate for teams looking to replace their current head coach.

His career with the Buffalo Bills is one that I certainly respect. Yes, even as an avid Patriots fan. In the four seasons that he’s worked as offensive coordinator, we have seen that offense go from 30th, to 24th and now ranked eighth best in the NFL. Daboll joined the Bills at the same time that Josh Allen was drafted. He was part of the decision making in getting Stefon Diggs to the Bills and just last year was given AP’s Assistant coach of the year.

The only issue I see here though, I think realistically the Chicago Bears could already be in serious talks with him as they look to replace Matt Nagy.

The Dark Horse Candidate!

Jim Harbaugh – Michigan Wolverines Head Coach

Jim Harbaugh's Goals For The 2021 Season Are A Must Read - Sports Illustrated Michigan Wolverines News, Analysis and More

(Image credit to SI.com)

Listen, before you come at me I already know what you’re thinking.

“Dude, he’s not leaving Michigan!” “He just renewed his contract” Yes, I get all of that, trust me. Hence why I consider him a DARK HORSE option. However, hear me out.

If you don’t think for a single second that the Jaguars players aren’t ready to make 2022 a season to remember, then I hate to tell you but I feel that you might be wrong. Especially after the Urban Meyer treatment and with a chip on their shoulder looking to prove that garbage-can wrong.

Dig deep into your thoughts and think the following. Harbaugh has had beef with Urban for awhile, one of the coaches to first be vocal about his hiring to the NFL in fact. Think about Jacksonville’s future, especially now that they have a QB to rely on. Harbaugh has been regarded as one of the best QB coaches in past years.

Here you have a guy with experience in both AFC and NFC conferences. Experienced coach in the NFL and someone who creates a winning culture while developing strong relationships with his players and staff members. His 49ers era was one of the most successful ones having navigated with QB’s like Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

While I’m aware this guy renewed his contract with Michigan, if Khan picks up the phone and makes his case to consider him a candidate? Personally, I think Jim has unfinished business here in the NFL and it would probably lead him to come back to the league and prove 49ers hierarchy wrong for giving up on him.

In Conclusion…

It will be interesting to see who will get the job come 2022 season.

For now, Jacksonville is riding with Darrell Bevell as interim coach. It’s best to finish this season as is now and then come offseason, hammer the phone looking for real suitable candidates that can lead this team to success.

(Featured image credit to Touchdownwire.usatoday.com)

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