Will the Bruins end up trading Jake DeBrusk?

The Bruins have been quite the interesting team so far this season. A lot has certainly happened. Tuukka Rask attempted a comeback, but ultimately decided he couldn’t do it and retired. Patrice Bergeron has been injured at times this year. Brad Marchand is up to his usual ways of getting suspended for cheap shots. But one thing people are starting to talk about more is Jake DeBrusk. For now, DeBrusk remains a Bruin. But could that be the case within the next few weeks? Will the Bruins actually end up trading Jake DeBrusk out of Boston?

Jake DeBrusk Asking for a Trade AWAY from the Bruins

Jake DeBrusk recently requested a trade away from the Bruins. He seemed to stay solidified on the idea after talking with media after the Bruins win against the Kraken on Thursday night.

DeBrusk is doing the right thing by not drawing attention to it. But it’s clear that he still has plans of no longer being with the Bruins. And what do you say at that point? “Okay man, best of luck to you. But we still have a job to do here.” So that’s something to look at within the next few weeks as the trade deadline approaches on March 21st.

Jake DeBrusk’s Recent Surge with the Bruins

Jake DeBrusk has had quite the stretch for the Bruins lately. He has five points in his last four games, with four of them being goals. He helped the Bruins beat the Kraken with two of those goals. So it was nice to see him be productive when the Bruins need it the most. Could this help the Bruins make him more desirable in a trade? Maybe. But it certainly isn’t going to hurt!

In Conclusion

Do I think DeBrusk stays with the Bruins? Personally no. I think they deal DeBrusk for someone that can help with the second line with scoring and even the third line. The Coyotes are having a fire sale. Maybe you can bring back Phil Kessel…if you can handle the outrageous plus/minus that Kessel historically has been bad about in his career. Nonetheless, we’ll see what happens with Jake DeBrusk and the Bruins. Only a few more weeks until the NHL trade deadline where anything can happen!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: nhl.nbcsports.com

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