Will Djokovic Ever Lose Again?

The current best player in the world, a ten time Wimbledon semifinalist, and of course the 1 seed in Wimbledon, is once again beasting. I know, surprising. The robot himself is continuing his relentless pursuit of major trophies. So the question remains: will Djokovic ever lose again?

Wimbledon Draw

LOL he is not losing to any of these fools.

No juggernaut or big 3 is left in his way.

Smooth sailing ahead. Left in his path is the Canadian Shapovalov (10th seed) in the semis, which should be a straightforward win.

Then, in the final, it will either be young Berrittini from Italy (the best shot to beat Djoker) or upstart Hurkacz.

Hurkacz just beat Federer, which is Very Cool. But an elderly R-Fed is nothing like the terminator from Serbia.

85% chance he wins Wimbledon without dropping a set from here on out.

100% chance he wins.

After Wimbledon

More of the same?

What do you think.

He has won his last 3 tournaments fairly easily, including the French.

Once he has Wimbledon, he will have won the last two majors and who is to say he won’t keep going.

He is playing the best tennis of his life, while nobody else in the Golden generation is around to challenge him.

Could one of these young kids steal one? Sure.

Does Nadal have one last run in him? Maybe.

Will any of that come to pass? No.

Djokovic is a machine who will play tennis for the rest of time and never ever lose.

It’s time to accept we maybe, begrudgingly, looking at the GOAT. Djokovic will never lose again…probably…period.

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