Novak Djokovic is About to Win the Aussie Open

Novak Djokovic systematically destroys opponents.

Djoker, who is often likened to a robot for his stern demeanor and this ruthless efficiency on the court….may be a robot.

I don’t know it is possible, right?

A tennis playing robot? Or alien??

Either way, Novak is marching toward ANOTHER major that many don’t want to see him win.

The Draw is Doable

The first item to note is the draw is pretty good for the Serb.

As the #1 seed in the tournament as the (far and away) number 1 player in the world, he is off to a good start.

The first obstacle for Novak would realistically come in the 4th round against Wawrinka or Raonic, two players he really should beat.

After this, you’re looking at #6 seed Zverev to be the real first challenge for him.

To see Djokovic fail here would even be shocking, with how fantastic he has been playing this season.

What has Novak Done Lately

Well, due to COVID, everything has been wonky.

Novak himself has not been able to avoid controversy from it.

That being said, in between the COVID mess Novak, at 33, has continued to be the dominant force outside of Roland Garros.

During the shortened prior season, Novak racked up a cool 39-3 record and showed zero signs of slowing down.

With some of his longtime rivals aging (R-Fed) and battling injuries (Nadal, always) he is easily at the pinnacle of the sport.

Who would you argue against him beating? Is Nadal on clay the literal only answer.

He is currently the tennis terminator, Arnold is shaking.

History is Well Within Grasp

At this point, is is likely that Djokovic finishes with the most majors of all time?

He looks great for 33, and if he grabs 2 this year, he will be sitting at 19, one behind Nadal and Federer for career majors wins.

He seems like a cyborg, unlike the elderly (who I love) Fed and breakable Nadal. Fed won’t get another. Nadal maybe has 1 more in him, two if we are lucky?

Who is going to stop Djoker when those two guys are fully toast? Thiem? Maybe Medvedev gets really good, really fast, or one of the other guys?

If we get 2 more years of Novak performing similarly he will have either tied for or the most majors of all time.

While his play makes everything seem inevitable, father time is really all that is inevitable for athletes.

Well, that and Tom Brady making the super bowl.

Djokovic, the defending champ, is about to win another Australian open, and continue on his march to the inevitable.

Novak – please see below:

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