Controversial Trades that Yankees Fans Won’t Want to See

Lets face it. The Yankees are atrocious. Worst team in the MLB. Everyone should be fired.

But its the Yankees. Like any normal NY fans, we like to overreact.

Obviously there’s a lot of guys on the Yankees roster that their fans would love to see traded. Yankees fans have been calling for guys like Chapman, Frazier, and Torres to be sent to another planet. However, these guys have lost a lot of their trade value in the past few months.

Let’s take a look at some of the controversial Yankees trades that people don’t want to see or hear:

Luke Voit

I think the Yanks could get a lot out of a trade involving Voit. Voit is one of the fan favorites due to his ball-smashing batting, and his beer-smashing celebrations. Additionally, he is on a very favorable contract. 

He led the shortened season last year in HR’s while playing off of one leg. Although he missed time this year with a torn meniscus, he has shown he can still harness that same power.

I could see Brian Cashman (fire him!) going with something like a young prospect + Voit for a defensive-minded SS.  

In a perfect world, you throw in a second prospect and go for Trevor Story— to play with former teammate DJ LeMahieu. 

This way, you can move Gleyber Torres to 2nd base and LeMahieu to 1st base.

Jonathan Loaisiga

Probably the best, if not one of the best relievers in the Yankees bullpen. Loaisiga is having his best season so far, bolstering a 2.2 ERA and 1.00 WHIP. He is 1 of 3 reliable guys in their bullpen, along with Nestor Cortes Jr. and Chad Green.

Trading a guy like him would give way to going out and getting a decent SP.

Although it is not their BIGGEST weakness, the starting rotation has unfortunately been (again, like every year) a weakness for the Yankees. They need a solid 2 or 3-spot guy who can carry them forward in the future.

Shipping off Loaisiga might be the best route to go out and get a guy that can help this rotation.

Giancarlo Stanton

Now this is not a very hot take. Stanton has been very underwhelming for the Yankees. He has been injured, can’t play the field, and on one of the worst contracts the franchise has ever seen (ignoring Jacoby Ellsbury on purpose). So this would be one of the Yankees trades that’s realistic.

It seems like the fanbase is split 50/50 on the Giancarlo Stanton situation. Most people don’t like him due to his contract alone, which is fair. I personally am always rooting for him to succeed. Some people, like myself, want him to live up to his contract.

It has been awesome to see him play somewhat decent baseball at certain points this season. However, his hitting and his lack of fielding has not helped his case. His contract has got to go.

Honestly, the Yankees should just get rid of Stanton for a hot dog.

On a serious note, if there is a team who can take on the cap space and are willing to give up a lefty outfielder for a homerun hitter… It is the perfect fit for the Yankees. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a suitor.

Can Cashman Make a Splash?

I do not think the Cashman will make any sort of crazy move to make the team better before the deadline, but its fun to speculate. It also seems like the Yankees will not be “selling” at the deadline. So, as usual, we will have to work with what we’ve got and see if any Yankees trades happen.

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-Tom D (@ThomasDiRusso on Twitter)

Feat. image courtesy of @ESPNNewYork on Twitter

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