My one and only 2021 MLB Mock Draft: 1st Round

The 2021 MLB Draft is just four days away, and there is still is not a clear front runner for who the first overall pick is. Now I, as a big sports fan, am big into mock drafts–more to come on that during the NFL season. But, today I am going to dive in with an attempt at a 2021 MLB first round mock draft. This is an interesting class this year with slot money being all over the place. It will be interesting to see who lands with who. Let’s dive right in with my own MLB 2021 mock draft!

2021 MLB Mock Draft: Picks 1-5

1. Pittsburgh Pirates- SS- Marcelo Mayer – Eastlake HS (California)

If there is one thing that seems to be a consensus at the top of this draft, it is that the Pittsburgh Pirates seem set on taking one of the young shortstops

Here in my MLB 2021 mock draft, I have the Pirates taking Marcelo Mayer. This pick could come down to money in relation to slot position–a prospect like Jack Leiter could cost the team more. While I do think SS is a major need for this system, I am not sure where the Pirates want to go. What I do believe is that when it comes down to money, Mayer is the easiest pick out of the players to go 1st overall.

2. Texas Rangers- SS- Jordan Lawler – Jesuit College Prep (Texas)

This would be an absolute dream for the Texas Rangers if they were able to nab Lawler at 2nd Overall. Lawler checks off every box that the Rangers want. As much as I think they could absolutely add one of the big arms, I do believe they go with the hometown prospect here with some massive upside.

3. Detroit Tigers – RHP- Jackson Jobe – Heritage Hall HS (Oklahoma)

The Tigers could be in the same situation as the Pirates with the way money slotting goes here. Although, if Marcelo Mayer were to fall here–which he absolutely could–the build-up in the last few weeks has those two connected with each other. If not, though, it is either Jobe or one of Vanderbilt’s arms, and I think they will go with the young high schooler with some potential upside at a cheaper slot.

4. Boston Red Sox – RHP – Jack Leiter – Vanderbilt University (Tennessee)

This is an absolute match made in heaven if Leiter is to fall to the Red Sox. I do believe that if Leiter is not here at the 4th pick, then the Sox will go position player.

In this mock, though, Leiter lands with the team he wants to be with, The Red Sox. The Vandy righty has absolutely all the leverage here as he can work his way to any team he wants or go back to college.

I do think Leiter may try to work his way down the board as rumors have swirled that he wants to land with the Red Sox. This makes Leiter the biggest wild card of the top end of the draft.

5. Baltimore Orioles – 2B/SS- Matt McLain – UCLA (California)

Ah yes, we arrive at yet another slot cutting possibility. The Orioles are another one of those teams where you could see them signing a player for a slot discount and Matt McLain fits the bill. Is he a top 5 pick? Maybe. Are there other better players out there? Absolutely! But, if the Orioles want to save room for other prospects, then this is the way to go.

 2021 MLB Mock Draft: Picks 6-10

6. Arizona Diamondbacks – C – Henry Davis – Louisville (Kentucky)


7. Kansas City Royals – RHP – Kumar Rocker – Vanderbilt University (Tennessee)


8. Colorado Rockies – SS – Brady House – Winder-Barrow HS (Georgia)


9. Los Angeles Angels – RHP – Ty Madden – Texas University (Texas)


10. New York Mets – 3B – Colson Montgomery – Southridge HS (Indiana)

2021 MLB Mock Draft Picks 11-15

11. Washington Nationals – RHP – Sam Bachman – Miami University (Ohio)


12. Seattle Mariners – OF – Sal Frelick – Boston College


13. Philadelphia Phillies – RHP – Gunnar Hoglund – Ole Miss (Mississippi)


14. San Francisco Giants – OF – Benny Montgomery – Red Land High School (PA)


15. Milwaukee Brewers – LHP – Jordan Wicks – Kansas State (Kansas)


2021 MLB Mock Draft: Picks 16-21

16. Miami Marlins – C – Harry Ford – North Cobb HS (Georgia)


17. Cincinnati Reds- RHP – Andrew Painter – Calvary Christian High School (FL)


18. St. Louis Cardinals – SS/RHP – Bubba Chandler –  North Oconee HS (Georgia)


19. Toronto Blue Jays – CF – Jay Allen – John Carroll Catholic HS (FL)


20. New York Yankees – RHP – Will Bednar – Mississippi State (Mississippi)


21. Chicago Cubs – SS – Trey Sweeney – Eastern Illinois (Illinois)

2021 MLB Mock Draft: Picks 22-26

22. Chicago White Sox – SS- Maxwell Muncy – Thousand Oaks (California)


23. Cleveland Indians – OF – Joshua Baez – Dexter Southland HS (Massachusetts)


24. Atlanta Braves – RHP – Michael McGreevy – UC Santa Barbara (California)


25. Oakland Athletics – SS – Will Taylor – Dutch Fork HS (SC)


26. Minnesota Twins – C – Joe Mack – Williamsville East HS (New York)

2021 MLB Mock Draft: Picks 27-29

27. San Diego Padres – LHP – Frank Mozzicato – East Catholic HS (Connecticut)


28. Tampa Bay Rays – 2B – Tyler Black – Wright State (Ohio)


29. Los Angeles Dodgers – 2B – Peyton Stovall – Haughton HS (Louisiana)


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-Jeff Hoak (@Jeffhoak1 on Twitter)

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