Who Is Tom Brady Referring To As “That Mother****ER!”?

A teaser released earlier this week by HBO for its upcoming episode of The Shop, has QB Tom Brady in the hot seat and trending all over social media.

Tom Brady, who opens up about going thru the free agency market last year, shared his reactions with the show. However, there is a line in the teaser that Brady dropped, which has all fans in the NFL wondering who he was referring to! Take a look:

So who was Tom referring to? I have some thoughts I’d love to share with you and get your feedback on.

Suspect # 1 – Jared Goff!

While Tom was testing the free agency market, one team to immediately reach out was the LA Rams. Coach McVay has always had a huge admiration for Tom Brady and more than anything has wanted to win a super bowl with the franchise.

However, the Rams struggled to find a compromise that would work for Tom and ended up not pursuing him. Could it be that Jared Goff is considered a “mother***er” in Tom Brady’s eyes?

Personally, I don’t believe so. The Rams would’ve needed to splash a lot of money on Tom and add pieces that simply weren’t attainable. If anything, it was probably an equal understanding by both sides and hence why the pursue wasn’t that deep by the LA Rams.

What If It Was Ryan Tannehill!

Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel had a strong relationship while they worked for the New England Patriots organization. There are several reports that dive into the relationship the two had and it wouldn’t be surprising if this is how Tom and Mike would talk given just how great their relationship was.

Granted, not many people are considering that the Titans could’ve been a possible landing spot for Tom Brady. One thing that many are missing though, is that Tannehill signed a major contract with the Titans last year, which is now having to be restructured around Julio Jones’ arrival to the franchise.

Callahan: Patriots face ugly reality – Boston Herald

So, could it be Tannehill? Its quite possible but I am not 100% sold on him just yet.

It’s Got To Be Jimmy Garoppolo!

Now this is something I believe to be the truth here.

During Brady’s free agency run before he signed with the Bucs, Brady was heavily linked to the San Francisco 49ers. You could only imagine how crazy New England was during these rumors, especially if it meant a reunion for Belichick and Garoppolo.

Tom was quoted saying “wanted to play for the 49ers” and following the footsteps of his idol, Joe Montana. So, the more I think about it and given the past between the two, It just all makes sense.

When Brady and Garoppolo played for Belichick, the dynamic was a competitive one! Brady was always QB1 but there was never a doubt that Garoppolo would be his successor. However, the unexpected happened in New England and Garoppolo was moved over to the 49ers, where Tom’s idol played. Maybe the move felt like a slap in the face for Brady, and maybe knowing the 49ers kept Garoppolo finally added to the fire.

Personally, the “Mother****er” Tom referenced is definitely Garoppolo! Maybe even more so as Garopollo missed most of the 2020/21 season due to injury. Certainly, that had to be the last straw for Brady and now who he would refer to as that Mofo.

Let me know who you think could be another QB he was referring to! All I know is, Tom getting spicy like this is quite entertaining.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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