Is MLB In A Sticky Situation?

Before I start my article, I want to apologize to all my readers. I have not posted anything since 5/11/21. That is over a month without a post. That is completely on me. I have been working basically 7 days a week with my regular 9-5 accounting job and running tournaments for the New Balance Select League on the weekends. I am working about 20 hours on the weekend. But that is no excuse for not posting. I will be better going forward. But enough about that and let’s get into the MLB sticky situation!


So by now you probably have heard or seen that MLB and pitchers are having a problem with sticky substances. Pitchers were using substances to get a better grip on the ball so it was easier to control. But as everything goes pitchers were making new substances to make the ball spin more.

Most pitchers were using either pine tar or sunscreen that make the grip a little bit better. But now pitchers are using spider tack to create spin (see this definition on MLB.com). The more spin on the ball the more the ball moves. So it would help pitchers have better breaking pitches. It is an unfair advantage for the pitchers over the hitters.

Trevor Bauer takes to Twitter to bash new 'Sticky Stuff' crackdown



See this article on MLB.com on the exact rule for foreign substances. So starting yesterday (Monday 6/21/21) umpires will check pitchers for any foreign substances. If a player is found with anything they will be ejected and suspended. This could be any foreign substances from sunscreen mixed with rosin or pine tar or Spider Tack. This video came out of the Mets game yesterday with an ump checking Jacob deGrom. It appears the search is quick and painless.


There has to be some accountability for pitchers creating an unfair advantage. They were making it almost impossible for hitters to compete. But I do think MLB should let pitchers use something. See the below interview with Tyler Glasnow. Not letting him use something to aid his grip could have caused his injury. I think pitchers need something to help them out. But, that substance should not lead to a huge increase in spin rate.

So if pitchers want to use sunscreen or pine tar they should be able to. If they use Spider Tack or something similar they should get in trouble. It is as plain as that. Do not let pitchers get hurt because they need to grip the ball harder. Maybe even pre-stick the balls. I have heard they do that in Japan and other leagues around the world. If it is easier to control that way do it.


So MLB is facing a major problem with pitchers using sticky substances. They need to police it, but in the right way. MLB should let pitchers use something so they do not get injured. Listen to all my thoughts on the MLB’s Sticky Situation on Legends Lingo.

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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