WOW, It’s Actually Happening, Tom Brady is Leaving the Patriots

Where do I even begin? I actually can’t believe I’m currently even writing this blog. But, the inevitable day has come. Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots. If you don’t believe it, let me write it again. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is leaving the New England Patriots after 20 seasons.

We’re all going to be grieving for awhile. While we get our handkerchiefs out, here are a few thoughts I have about the Brady situation.

It’s Strictly a Business Decision

This is Tom Brady wanting to make the best business decision for himself. It’s about accolades at this point. Tom Brady needs a new challenge in his life. He wasn’t going to get the money from the Patriots that he will with the Chargers or Buccaneers. But hey, after winning six Super Bowls, he should get the money right? It makes sense.

It Sucks From a Personal Point of View

We knew the day was going to come that Tom Brady would be gone. I think we all can agree that we didn’t see him with another team. All we’ve known for 20 years is Tom Brady as the Patriots quarterback. Now, we’re in a state of not knowing. Did I think Brady would pull a Joe Montana? Absolutely not. But hey, that’s life sometimes. As 2020 continues to go in a downward spiral, this news is just the cherry on top. Damn man, what a morning bombshell!

It Needed to Happen

This might stink to here. So if you don’t want to hear it, stop reading here. The Patriots needed this to happen. We need to move on and hit the reset button. There’s still a ton of veterans to help lead this team. We can finally see a fresh face at quarterback. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss having Brady under center. But, change is good sometimes.

Who is the Next Quarterback?

Personally, I’m all for Jarrett Stidham. Let the kid go out there and learn on the job. Make his mistakes, and build a new potential dynasty (hopefully!) in New England. Teddy Bridgewater for a year or two? Sure, I can live with that too. The only other name on that list that I like realistically is Nick Foles. Otherwise, the other names aren’t too great. Garoppolo is enticing, but the 49ers won’t get rid of him.

In Conclusion

This day didn’t seem to exist in all of our minds. But, it’s sadly here. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to play this game. We will forever be grateful for everything he did in New England. However, it’s time to move to a new chapter. It also sucks that Brady’s last pass as a Patriot was a pick-six.

Unreal! 2020, I hate you and you’re not even 25% complete yet!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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