Which 1st Picked QB Will Win More Games in 2020?

Who Ya Got?

NFL Network fired off a tweet this morning that got me and the boys™ fired up.

First of all, great job by the NFL Network in not making this a poll so we can’t really tell what the people are saying.

Second of all, you need not even read this if you’re delusional enough to say Burrow.

That being said, which is poised to win the most games in 2020? Let’s take a look at all three. And yea, the header image was a hint.

Burrow and the Bungles

Suffice to say, there is not many good players on the Bengals squad. They almost certainly will be very bad in the 2020 season.

I do love Burrow, and I think he will be good, but he is not superman. Nobody believes in Superman anymore, anyway.

The Bengals actually have some OK weapons for Joe to work with. AJ Green is a bit past prime and has been injury prone, but he is very good. Mixon is not a good person, but is a solid football player. Boyd is decent and Ross is FAST.

However, the Offensive line is uninspiring and the defense will be bad.

This is a team that was 2-14 last year and ranked 30th in ppg and 25t in ppg allowed.

The Bengals will be bad. Looking for them to win more games than either of these next two teams is foolish. Good luck to you, Joe.

Kliff, Kyler, and a Kool Offense

This team is at least going to be fun.

Kliff is an innovative (if yet unproven) coach. He hasn’t really won much.

But he runs some awesome offensive schemes!

Kyler is also a special athlete who opens up a world of possibilities. His highlights from last season are VERY FUN.

The Cardinals have no shortage of weapons for the K team to work with on offense.

They traded for who I think is the best WR in the NFL, in Hopkins, when they FLEECED the Texans. They also have ageless king of likability Larry Fitzgerald still running the field.

Drake and Kirk are also good.

The defense has some studs in it as well, with Patrick Peterson, new draftee Isaiah Simmons, and Chandler Jones, who I talked about before in an earlier piece.

This is a rough division, but the Cardinals should at least be interesting. If not for a division with 3 teams that should be better than them on paper, I may have chosen the Cardinals.

Unfortunately, they are in a division with 3 teams that almost certainly will be better than them.

Kliff, you’ve never won a high level before, but now is the time!

Baker and the Browns

Baker is going to cook up something special this year.

Full transparency, I am a bit irrational with Baker, ever since the flag incident. I love him.

But I do think he bounces back this season, regardless if my fandom for the guy.

The weapons on this team are among the best in the NFL. Chubb is a beast, Odell can catch literally anything, Hunt is good, Landry is not worth his contract, but very good.

Hooper is a great tight end, Njoku was an ideal move TE when he was drafted, and the O-line is better.

You could write a story easily about how good these weapons will be. Baker has no excuse not to wreck defenses this season.

The defense even has a monster in Myles Garrett. This team SHOULD be GOOD.

The biggest move of the off-season was waiving goodbye to Freddie Kitchens, who may have been the single worst coach in NFL history (that may be a stretch but I’m mad about what he did to Baker last year.

The division only has one team that I think should be better (the juggernaut Ravens, who will regress some from last season). The Steelers are fading and I’m not sure Ben has much left in the tank.

Baker in the Playoffs

So, the new coach will help the Browns win, Baker will be better, they have even better weapons than last year, and the division is weaker.

The Browns will win the most games this year out of these 3 teams, and I don’t think it will be close.

These Browns will be in the playoffs.

The Cardinals just have too tough a road in that division, and the Bengals will still be terrible.

Baker will rule this season, but I’m really looking forward to what all 3 of these quarterbacks can do moving forward.

All 3 of these 1st Pick QBs have a legitimate chance to be special. What a great time to be an NFL fan (for all but Pats fans maybe).

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on the twitter)

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