Does MLBPA Proposal Mean Baseball? Not Quite, But We Are Getting Closer!

On Sunday 5/31/20 The Major League Baseball Players Association submitted a counterproposal, this was first reported by Jeff Passan. This is to counter the proposal sent over by the Major League Baseball owners last week. Pete Chatterton wrote about it here. It did not go over well with players and fans.

MLBPA proposal for 2020 MLB season includes 114-game season and ...

What Is In The Proposal

This new proposal has a 114 game season starting June 30th and going until October 31st.  It would give players the right to opt-out of the season. If you are deemed high risk you would receive salary, but if you are not you will not be paid. Players are asking for full prorated salary.

If there is no playoffs then the salaries of all players making over $10 million would be deferred. Owners are asking for deferrals because of the loose of revenue. Also players are asking for $100 million to be paid during “spring training 2.0”.

Players are asking for 2 year playoff expansion. Going from 10 teams to 14 teams total, that is 7 teams in each league. Players would wear microphones during games more to provide more entertainment. Another way to make up some revenue suggested by the players is to have an offseason All-Star game and Homerun Derby.

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What Next?

Many believe owners will reject this proposal. But this is how negotiations go. One side will come up with a ridiculous offer and the other side counter with another ridiculous offer. Then hopefully they work towards coming in the middle. The next steps is for each side to make compromises to make this work.

My Thoughts

As I have stated in all my blogs and on Legends Lingo (my podcast), I am on the players side. I think this proposal is a good one, but I know there are some flaws that the owners will not go for. The owners will lose a lot of money with a 114 game season, especially with no fans. So I think an 82 game season would be perfect. I really like the idea of an offseason All-Star game. I think that would be cool to have right after the World Series.

Now I hope that the owners come back with a proposal that is closer to the middle and both sides can come to a deal. I know that they want to be playing by early July so this week is a huge week for that. In order for players to be ready to play they need at least 2-3 weeks of “Spring Training 2.0”. It is June 1st, to play in early July that has to happen soon.

I also think the pressure of the other sports, hockey and basketball, getting closer to coming back will make the sides work harder. Baseball does not want to lose all its fans to the other sports because they cannot come back. They will find a way to come back. If they have an 82 game season, every game will be exciting. If you look back into history, how many teams were having great seasons at the All-Star break only to fizzle out in the second half? This means there could be a lot of thrilling playoff races.

I look forward to keeping you updated on this. Stay tuned to see what happens next. And if you have different opinions, please tweet me and let’s talk about it!

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-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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