What’s the Plan?

Since Rams delivered ass-kicking to the pats this past Thursday. There has been debate from Twitter to talk radio about what are Patriots are doing and what the future looks like. Well, to be honest, it’s a complete mystery. They have a ton of needs on offense and defense. But they have a lot of cap space, which in theory is very good. But there are conflicting reports that might not be a value market with suppressing cap, but normal cap. Because the NFL will borrow money from future revenues/ cap to deal with it. If it is the latter you are in a little bit of trouble especially if you can’t find a QB quick.

Speaking of QB you need to find the answer to it and stick to it. Is Cam the long term answer? Probably not, even though I’m a fan of Cam. It just doesn’t seem like a fit in terms of offense scheme. Also, Cam hinting at wanting to be closer to his family is a telling sign that this is going most likely be a one-year commitment. That being said they need to have an answer to a QB by the time free agency starts. Either you are getting a guy like Stafford, Wentz, Minshew, Jimmy G, or Darnold via trade, or signing a guy like Ryan Fitzpatrick or bring Cam back on a 1-year deal and use your first-round pick on QB. Either way, there needs to be a commitment at that position for multiple seasons. I am fine with either because it a commitment for multiple seasons and it will attract free agents.

That decision needs to be made quickly because if you can solve the QB issue then you can focus on building the rest of the team. This is key. Because without it, you will be 7-9 or 8-8 next year. Why? Because you have a very good coach who can overachieve with a roster that doesn’t have a lot of talent. You have a huge opportunity this offseason to right the ship with a lot of quality free agents on both sides of the ball that are available. But without a solution at QB, you will struggle to sign anyone.

The clock is ticking…

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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