NHL Likely To Approve Helmet Ads

It was announced yesterday by Sports Business Journal that the NHL is more than likely to approve ads on helmets for the upcoming 2021 season.


The ads would be stickers that are located on both sides of a player’s helmet and only one brand would be allowed at a time.


Each ad will be worth roughly $2.5 million in fair market value for an average team. That is a significant amount of money that will make up for the league’s lost revenue due to COVID. Ads could be an easy solution to the NHL’s money issues, especially with limited fans or even no fans at all. At the end of the day, they’re better than jersey ads and it’s a small price to pay if we want there to be a hockey season.


Twitter had a lot of fun with what ads each team and player could be sporting on their helmets.





Yes, I put my own tweet in here.


Most people are predicting that Canadian teams will have Tim Hortons ads. The Boston Bruins more than likely will have Dunkin’ Donuts ads. Also, a Wawa ad for the Philadelphia Flyers. It just makes sense.



Almost every other hockey league in the world already has helmet ads, so I’m all for the NHL following suit. Hopefully, it’s just for one season, or at least just until COVID is gone to help with financial issues.


– Caylee Allard (@2kaRask)



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