Celtics Need To Make Another Move In Order To Keep Pace With Cavaliers

So Dwyane Wade signed a nice little one year 2+ million dollar contract with the Cavaliers yesterday evening.  What does that mean for the Celtics? Well their job at getting to the Finals just got a lot harder. Dwyane Wade is getting older and he is not the same player he use to be, but he can still ball. LeBron and Wade have won three championships together and are both hungry for another one. These guys have been bestfriends for while and literally know everything about each other’s game.

One the other side, the Celtics are a highly underrated team. Newly acquired players Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving will provide a one/two scoring punch that the Celtics have not had in a long time. Provide that with a passing big who can also spread the floor/score when needed, and you have a nice “little three”. I would not call what the Celtics have a “Big Three” because I do not believe Horford is a star player. However, this “little three” will be fun to watch. I can also not wait to see how rookie Jayson Tatum performs this season. I am a huge Duke fan and watched every game he played last season. I know he is a baller and has the talent to be a lethal scorer in the future.

The Eastern conference is clearly going to come down to these two teams and it will be a shame if does not. Yes the Wizards, Raptors, and Bucks are good teams, but they do not have the star power of the Cavaliers and Celtics. Every time the Cavaliers and Celtics play each other this season, we should all be excited.

With all that said, the Cavaliers still have an edge over the Celtics this season. Going against the best player in the world along with his best friend who is also a Hall Of Famer, is going to be challenging for the Celtics. If you compare starting fives, then you can see why. Thompson/Irving Pg, Wade/ Celtics do not have a true SG, LeBron/Hayward SF, Kevin Love/Morris PF, and Tristan Thompson/Horford C. Looking at these two starting fives, the Cavaliers are better at four positions. I am not saying that the Celtics can not take down the Cavaliers in a seven games series, but it will be tough if they do not go out and acquire another all-star player.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_19)

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