Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: A Clear Cut Favorite Emerging in NFC.

What a mess Week 8 was in the NFL. Between some major key injuries and teams losing when they should not have, this all makes for a lot of researching for the NFL Week 9 Power Rankings.

All in all one thing came out of this weekend’s slate of NFL games, and that is there seems to be one clear-cut favorite to come out of the NFC right now, and it is not the team you think it is.

Read on to find out!

Now, before we dive into Week 9 of the NFL Power Rankings make sure you check out last week!!

With that now out of the way, let’s see this week’s NFL Power Rankings!!

32. Houston Texans 1-7 (Last Week- 32)

Nothing got going offensively until garbage time against the LA Rams. Possibility they get Tyrod Taylor back for next week’s matchup against a reeling Dolphins team with the same record.

This game will be like a bad car accident, you wanna look away but you just can not.

31. Miami Dolphins 1-7 (Last Week – 31)

Oh Dolphins, sweet, sweet Dolphins. You had them in the first half, not gonna lie. Miami went into the half tied at 3 against AFC powerhouse, and division rival, Buffalo Bills. In the second half, well, it got ugly, and here we are now talking about the team’s 7th straight loss, and yet once again no movement in Week 9 of the NFL Power Rankings.

Houston up next, let’s see how this goes.

30. Detroit Lions 0-8 (Last Week- 30)

The team is struggling, can’t seem to get anything going, and got absolutely embarrassed by Philadelphia. Luckily for them, they have a BYE week this coming week, and boy do they need it badly.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars- 1-6 (Last Week- 29)

I mean, I will be honest, I picked the Jags to win this week. Silly me, boys only scored one touchdown and gave up 2 touchdowns to Geno Smith. Not much else to say but, YEEESSHHHHH…

Does not get any better, as they welcome the Bills into Duvall county next weekend.

28. Chicago Bears 3-5 (Last Week- 26)

The Bears looked pretty good offensively this weekend, they just could not close it out. Ironic they play better when Matt Nagy is not coaching… HMMMMM… I WONDER…

Bears head into Week 9 with a Monday Night Football matchup in the Steel City against the Steelers.

27. Philadelphia Eagles 3-5 (Last Week- 27)

The Eagles looked good in Week 8 going against a weak Lions team. They were able to alleviate some of the weight that Jalen Hurts was carrying. A team trending in the right direction, but for now, they will stay put in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.

Eagles will try to keep momentum as they host the Chargers in Week 9.

26. New York Jets-2-5 (Last Week- 28)

Well… Never would have thought that I would be doing a small write-up about the Jets beating the Bengals with a guy named Mike White at QB. It was a fantastic performance put on by the offense and all-around a good win for the team.

They will look to keep it rolling with a short week facing the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football

25. New York Giants 2-6 (Last Week- 25)

In the back end of the NFL Power Rankings, a lot of teams will not be moving a lot from here on out. Barring an unexpected blowup in either direction, the New York Giants could be one of those teams.

The Giants almost took out the Kansas City Chiefs, but penalties and inexperience on offense killed them in crunch time.

They now head back to the Meadowlands where they will host the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.

24. Indianapolis Colts 3-5 (Last Week- 24)

The Colts, like the Giants, put up a fight and were close to taking out the Tennessee Titans, but a couple of late blunders by QB, Carson Wentz would seal their fate.

While the division leader Titans lost a big piece to their offense, the loss on Sunday made a deeper hole for the Colts to climb out of.

They will get a week to reset as they head into the BYE.

23. Washington Football Team 2-5 (Last Week – 22)

The Football Team is downright having a brutal season. It got worse in Week 8 as they lost 17-10 to the Denver Broncos, where the team was not able to capitalize on a final drive to tie it.

That makes four straight losses for the Team, and it does not get easier, as they will head into the BYE, then come out of it to face a buzzsaw that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

22. Atlanta Falcons 3-4 (Last Week- 23)

It looked as if the Falcons were building momentum with their offense, with the emergence of Kyle Pitts, but that fell flat against the Panthers. It was a lackluster performance, to say the least for the offense, add that to stud WR, Calvin Ridley announcing he would be taking some time away from playing for mental reasons (get well soon man!) the offense is trending the wrong way.

They will look to bounce back with a tough test in the NOLA defense

21. Minnesota Vikings 3-4 (Last Week- 17)

It was all put together for a Vikings win on Sunday Night Football, a humming offense, and no Dak Prescott for the Cowboys, just Cooper Rush making his first NFL start on your home field.

Well, it didn’t go as planned as they lost. The offense could not get anything going against a stingy Cowboys Defense, and it proved costly.

They now head east, to Maryland where they will face Baltimore on Sunday.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3 (Last Week – 21)

Pittsburgh got a big division win on Sunday against the Browns. What is even more impressive is that they did it without their kicker. Everything went the Steeler’s way on Sunday and they got a nice win within the division.

Now they will move onto Monday Night Football to host the Browns.

19. Denver Broncos 4-4 (Last Week – 19)

Denver got a win to move back to an even record. Then proceeded to trade their franchise face in Von Miller. Not quite sure what that is about.

Really odd way to say you have built a contender heading into a big game with the Cowboys.

18. Seattle Seahawks 3-5 (Last Week – 18)

Seattle beat the Jaguars… DK Metcalf looked good and Geno looked good throwing the ball… but, it was also the Jaguars. (Sorry Jags Fans)

They now head into the BYE week, and QB, Russell WIlson got the pinout of his finger and is ready to get back to practice, lets see what happens.

17. New England Patriots 4-4 (Last Week- 20)

New England got a big win in Week 8.

The team now heads to Carolina with a 4-4 record, the defense was able to pick up the struggling rookie QB, and then the offense took a 7-minute drive to milk out the clock.

They move up in the NFL Power Rankings this week and now will look to go on a run and push for the playoffs.

16. San Francisco 49ers 3-4 (Last Week – 16)

San Fran also made a statement in Chicago over the Bears on Sunday. Jimmy G did it all and even added two rushing touchdowns to will the team to a win. Samuel also showed his range and how good he really is by reeling in an 80-yard catch. It was a good all-around game for the 49ers.

They head back home for a big showdown with the Arizona Cardinals

15. Carolina Panthers 4-4 (Last Week – 15)

Panthers stole a win from Atlanta Sunday thanks to a Stephon Gilmore interception. They lose QB, Sam Darnold to a concussion and his status for the next game is murky. Add that to who the hell knows about Christian McCaffrey, the win itself makes you question how they did it.

They will host New England on Sunday where they hope to have Chrisitan McCaffrey back.

14. Cleveland Browns 4-4 (Last Week – 13)

Cleveland, oh Cleveland. The Browns as I say do not have an identity right now. Does not help with an injured Baker and no receivers stepping up to take that “big role”

The Browns were straight-up stymied on Sunday and it was tough to watch.

They have another tough task ahead as they head to Cincy to face the Bengals on Sunday.

13. Kansas City Chiefs 4-4 (Last Week – 12)

Alright, I am very well aware that Kansas City won this game. It was hard to move them up with all the other teams ahead of them winning and more deserving.

Although, the drop back in the NFL Power Rankings makes sense. This team stinks, nowhere near what they have been, and between the defense being horrible (although credit to them coming up big in the final minutes against the Giants) and the offense turning the ball over at an impressive rate, this team is stuck in neutral right now.

They have one of the hardest schedules coming up, and it starts Sunday when Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers come to visit.

12. Los Angeles Chargers 4-3 (Last Week – 10)

The Charger’s offense has cooled off. The New England Defense held their own and was able to pick Herbert off twice. It just was not a pretty day at all for the offense, but there really is no cause for concern right now, they should be just fine.

They head to Philly now to face the Eagles on Sunday.

11. New Orleans Saints 5-2 (Last Week- 14)

Regular season New Orleans against rival Tampa Bay is a different breed, and it showed again on Sunday. Even after QB, Jameis Winston went down with a torn ACL, the Saints were able to carve through the Bucs with backup, Trevor Simien.

Defensively they came up huge with a game-ending Pick 6.

They will now move onto Atlanta where either Trevor Simien or Taysom Hill will be behind center.

10. Tennessee Titans 6-2 (Last Week – 11)

The Titans pulled out the overtime thriller thanks to a couple of defensive picks. Although the win came at what cost? Well, the loss was superstar RB, Derrick Henry who is out 6-10 weeks with a foot injury. That has prompted the team to sign veteran Adrian Peterson.

Losing Henry though is a massive blow to the offense that relies on him for 30 plus carries a game.

We will see how they do on Sunday night when they face a potent Rams defense.

9. Cincinnati Bengals 5-3 (Last Week – 7)

Will the real Cincinnati please stand up! Now, I am in no way saying the loss on Sunday to the Jets was telling to a team that has been red hot. In fact, I am not saying that at all. Honestly, it was just an unfortunate loss, but we will see for sure how they are by responding to this loss.

They will look to do just that on Sunday when they face Cleveland.

8. Baltimore Ravens 5-2 (Last Week -9)


7. Las Vegas Raiders 5-2 (Last Week – 8)


 6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-2 (Last Week – 3)

Tampa took a tough blow this week, and that is why they dropped three spots in the NFL Power Rankings. A team that apparently does not like to win in the Superdome in the regular season once again lost to the Saints.

Brady threw a pick in the final minute to put the loss on ice, but that’s not even the biggest issue, once again the secondary of the Bucs getting torn a new one, even worse, against a backup QB.

They have some questions to answer over their BYE week.

5. Arizona Cardinals 7-1 (Last Week – 1)

We have now reached the top 5, in the coming weeks, this is gonna be one of the most fluctuated I have seen, as you can tell now, the Arizona Cardinals who were the top dog last week, have now dropped to 5th.

It was a difficult loss to take for an undefeated Cardinals team at the time, especially with the way it ended. In what appeared to be a miscommunication between Kyler Murray and AJ Green, the QB, was picked off on what would have been the game-winning touchdown.

Murray was injured on the final play and left the stadium in a boot. The team expects him to be ready for Sunday’s divisional showdown with the San Francisco 49ers.

4. Los Angeles Rams 7-1 (Last Week – 4)

It was the Lions… That is all I need to say.

In other news though, the Rams showed they are ready to make a strong push pulling the trigger on a trade for star LB, Von Miller from the Broncos.

Expect to see him play on Sunday Night under the lights against the Tennessee Titans.

3. Buffalo Bills 5-2 (Last Week – 2)

The loss against the Titans hurt for sure, and a BYE week helped recover from it, and even better a win over Miami helped take the pain away slightly.

It was not a pretty win, but a win is a win and Buffalo is still the top dog in the AFC.

They face a rather struggling Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

2. Dallas Cowboys 6-1 (Last Week – 5)

Dallas is looking more and more legit by the week, this time they were able to beat a pretty good Vikings team with a backup QB making his first start. Their defense is legit, and their Offense can be lethal. Between the Cowboys and the number one team in the NFL Power Rankings, there are some clear-cut favorites emerging in the NFC.

The Cowboys will host the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Even if Dak cannot play, the team should be in good hands.

1.  Green Bay Packers 7-1 (Last Week – 6)

Cool, Calm and Collective is what Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have been, winning their 7th in a row and taking down the last undefeated team in the NFL earns them the right to be the top spot in the NFL Power Rankings.

Aaron Rodgers is once again proving his doubters wrong and putting up the numbers to show for it.

They head to Arrowhead now to face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Wrapping up the Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

This week’s NFL Power Rankings were all over the place. As I said, the back end will be pretty stagnant from here on out, while the top 5-10 will be all over the place.

The race is on for the postseason, it is going to be a bumpy ride to the finish line, but damn is it going to be one hell of a finish.

Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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