Verbally Committed Episode 7: What If I Told You Mascots Could Play Sports

Episode 7 is here people. While we sit around and wonder might become of college sports this fall with the pandemic, we at Verbally Committed are dedicated to bring you the most informing news necessary to keep you educated.

Actually nope, just kidding here’s what we talked about this week

CGS Trivia Round 2

There will be no wondering where Gilli is this time around. He just simply won’t be there. So once again it will be up to Connor’s big brain to bring home the victory. He is bringing in some help with Steve Scott joining the fray. He is usually on the side of the Small State Big Takes but since they lost, were defeated, pulverized last time. they will not be competing this round. Again to repeat, because they’re losers.

However what we want to know is what jersey/hat combo should Connor roll with this time around? Portland Sea Dogs/KG, T-Wolves jersey is now iconic but you gotta switch it up every now and then.

Bring Back NCAA Football For The Love of God

We reminisce about the glory days when the NCAA Football video game was an annual thing. What game modes were the best. And how it honestly still holds up today seven years later.

And how does Madden simply ignore what was right about NCAA? The franchise/dynasty mode was near perfect. Madden’s sucks. The single player career mode was challenging and entertaining and felt real. Madden’s is just a lamer version of franchise mode. And the physics were always ahead of Madden.


And the perhaps dumbest, and yet most entertaining thing about NCAA was the mascot mashup game mode. Where you got to play 11 on 11 football but with mascots beating the living hell out of each other.

We spent a ton of time on this topic, dissecting the best/funniest mascots to play with and why don’t other sports video game franchises use this? We demand a 2K game where Stuff the Magic Dragon is dunking all over Benny the Bull.

What If I told You?

We could use some more sports documentaries during this pandemic, and yes there were some good 30 for 30’s with Lance Armstrong and the Sosa/McGwire story. But what about some college sports stories? I mean that is what this podcast is all about. So we give you our top three choices for stories to be made into a 30 for 30.

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