Disappointed in #88

I’m breaking one of my rules by getting angry or upset before something has happened. We will know by Sunday, if David Pastrnak will be traveling with the team to the bubble in Toronto on time. These next few days are critical to the Bruins chances of bringing the Stanley Cup home. It was reported Wednesday from numerous Bruins beat writers from Warrior Ice arena that Cam Neely, President of your Boston Bruins said Pasta will not be practicing until the team gets to Toronto.

Oh boy here we go! I told myself I wouldn’t do this. But I’m angry/disappointed in #88. The way he’s handling himself during this quarantine needs to get more exposure. Pasta wasn’t there for the early workout in June with the rest of his teammates. When he did return there are photos and rumors on the internet that he was bar hopping on Hanover street in Boston during a pandemic. This may be why he hasn’t been able to practice because he got in contact with someone who had Covid.

If you are a Bruins fan, you should have some disappointment inside you. Especially if he can’t travel with the team and has to travel separately. Then you have the quarantine requirements for players traveling separately which happen to be more steep. I know that Pasta is a top tier star, but he does need some practice time. That shouldn’t have any delay. If that’s the case, there’s a possibility of him being sluggish during their run at the Stanley Cup. We saw it happen last year. He got a wrist injury and look how bad he looked in the Cup Finals. Again this lack of judgement on Pasta’s end is frustrating. But for it not to be talked in the same light as the way that talk radio is ripping Jayson Tatum’s attitude and the actual concerns while heading into the NBA bubble. At least he practiced and got on the team plane.

Fiesta’s Final Thoughts

Hopefully this news will fade away and Pasta travels, and practices with his teammates and the Bruins can go on a run to capture their 7th Stanley Cup in team history. If this were to linger, and Pasta is sluggish which helps contribute to an early playoff exit for Boston. People unfairly or not will put blame at the feet of Pastrnak.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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