Verbally Committed Episode 6: Glorious Mustaches and Painful Notre Dame Memories

Welcome to the podcast who has their episodes out on time every week, granted we’ve only been at this for a couple of months but hey take what you can get right?

Great Mustache Carries Great Responsibility

First off and foremost let’s address the elephant in the room. Gilli is sporting a new look, a handlebar mustache. Which is a hotly contested debate on our twitter page right now that you can still vote on whether he should keep it or not.

Special Guest Jon McCormack

We have a new guest join the show in fellow Couch Guy Sports writer, John McCormack. And we just have so many questions for him. Like for instance why he believes 2K is Trash which still to this day is a popular blog on this website.

He is also an avid Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan, so we ask him about his best memory that the football team has given him as a fan. It’s all sunshine and rainbows over here.

JUST KIDDING, college fandom is pain, pure agonizing pain and we ask him what his worst memory was, and then pile on like four or five others for him to rip off the mental band aid again and remember. We fully expect that John dove down a sad YouTube rabbit hole of Notre Dame moments after the episode last night.

Big Ten Decision

Like an hour after we released last week’s episode, the Big Ten announced that they were going to a conference only schedule, and canceled all non-conference games due to the Coronavirus.

So naturally we are here to talk about it this week. Why the decision makes sense, but also why it doesn’t. How it effects money for multiple people, schools and businesses.

And also would you rather have a COVID-19 conscious fall football season, with less fans and precautions galore? Or should we just push everything back to spring when hopefully this is all just a bad memory?

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