It’s Time to Abolish USA Gymnastics

Its time to give the “death penalty” to USA Olympic Gymnastics.

Granted I’m not the biggest follower of USA Olympic gymnastics or gymnastics in general. But, I’m a big fan of justice and holding organization and people of power and influence especially when they fail to do the right and moral thing.

In the last few years, US Gymnastics has connections with Larry Nassar’s sex abuse scandal. Which if you aren’t too familiar with I would look it up. It is absolutely horrible how long the ignoring took place for.

What caught my eye specifically was the Netflix’s documentary Athlete A. It went into gross misconduct that the heads of US gymnastics did for the last three decades. Highly recommend watching it. It was a very deep and well done documentary and shows how inept the heads of USA Gymnastics are.

Choosing profit and protecting abusers like Larry Nassar over doing the right and moral thing protecting these young girls and women and reporting these atrocious actions to the proper authorities is what is wrong with organizations like USA Gymnastics. Uncheck power is a dangerous thing.

I’m glad that Larry Nassar is rotting in prison for the rest of his days. Same thing for Steve Penny! But there needs to be more people that knew and did nothing to be serving prison time and if everyone that was an executive role/position of power that knew needs to be fired and charged. Also the FBI needs to not drag its feet on the release of its report about the abuse. It’s been over a year since its’ public release. The lack of accountability and urgency still boggles my mind.

In short, more people need to have their day in court and have accountability for their actions in this. If that means everyone is let go of and/or goes to jail for some accountability, then so be it. Tear everything down!

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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