NBA 2K is Trash, So Why do People Still Buy It?

The first week of September is a glorious time.  School’s back in session, both college and professional football is back, Fall is just around the corner, and my gambling addiction returns.  However, as of recent, pop culture, video games, and basketball all come together to release a fan favorite among video games — NBA 2k.

Last Friday, Sept. 6, was #2KDay or at least that’s what Twitter calls it.  It’s that time of year where your girlfriend complains more than usual that you’re spending too much time playing Xbox or my favorite argument of “I can’t pause online games.”  September 6 is the beginning of making your MyPlayer a full-time job to reach that illustrious 99 overall, or for weekend nights to no longer mean going out for a drink or two or seven.  Instead Friday’s and Saturday’s are for you and your boys to wonder down to your local MyPark and have yourself a competitive game of 5-on-5 consisting of mostly 360 dunks and missed 15-footers.

Sports games are a one of a kind experience.  I have had my fair sure of crazy Madden, 2K, and FIFA games over the years.  I have broken many controllers and have said some unthinkable things to a virtual player, but hey it’s all about the fun, right?  Now what I am about to say might cause an outrage, but NBA 2K is trash.

What’s nuts is that it’s taken 20 shitty games for fans to finally realize how much they get screwed by the developers.  I haven’t bought an NBA 2k since 2016.  Last one I played was NBA 2K18, and let me tell you the game play and mechanics don’t get better, but instead get worse.  2K’s rivals are Madden and FIFA, and both games have regressed as well, but at least they try new things and give explanations and try to make an overall better gaming experience to its fans.

2K20 is nothing short of a disaster, and Twitter’s reaction is hilarious.  Here’s the #2K20 Twitter link:


If you keep scrolling you find some pretty hilarious replies, and overall a good laugh.  From what I have seen, the game was pretty much unfinished, full of bugs, and once again the 2K servers are the worst in gaming.  I refuse to buy another 2K until they fix the necessary problems, like all the ones I just named.  But instead they make it a lot harder to score and constantly change the shooting meter so they don’t get accused of taking the previous 2K and just updating rosters, but that’s actually what it is.  My guess is that people buy 2K every year because they are genuinely basketball fans or because they want to create themselves as an NBA player.  But the game sucks.

I have seen people calling 2k20, “2k19.5” which is wicked funny because it’s true.  Until the developers give us a fresh game, I wouldn’t waste $60 on this piece of shit.  Instead let’s just stick out Fortnite until October when we get Call of Duty.  But if you’re craving a sports game just go to Madden, 2K needs to be taken out on trash day.

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)





2 thoughts on “NBA 2K is Trash, So Why do People Still Buy It?

  • January 23, 2020 at 8:48 am

    As soon as you said “lets just stick out Fortnite” you lost your credibility as a decent game reviewer, or as a decent human being. 2K is trash but reccomending to play an even more trashier game is disgusting.

  • February 4, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    absobloodylutely disastrous sports game i’ve ever played. player has all 99 stats but he couldn’t move freely at all. every time i pushed the keyboard but it didn’t work simultaneously. this disaster always respond late and fall a step behind!! besides, I made a basket interference, referee called ‘blocked shot’. what amazing game. This disaster must not exist!!


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