Verbally Committed Episode 14: Chicken Wings & Pillow Talk (Feat. Saucy Nuggs Man)

We have one of our more fascinating guests on this week. You might recognize him from the video that went viral last week.

And of course when he interrupted Nebraska head coach, Scot Frost who gave him the nickname “Chicken Wings.”

Well we have that man on with us this week. His real name is Ander Christensen but now he goes by a much more humbling name “Saucy Nuggs Man.”

We talk to him about his love for chicken wings, where the idea to get up in front of city council and make this decree came from and where he stands on the Ranch vs. Bleu Cheese dipping sauce debate. We also want to know if he has any other fantastic, spot on rants like this in the works for the future. In a time of political and social discourse we need his sense now more than ever.

Participation Trophies?

We also talk about how the ACC coaches on Wednesday proposed that this years March Madness tournament should include everybody. One host thinks this is a great idea, the other one not so much.

Football Spreads, We Will Be Better

Last week was the first weekend with actual, real, college football on the betting slate. We told you to hammer a couple of lines, and they lost. This week we are back and vow to be even better, it is our sacred mission to help win you some money and god dammit we are going to do that.

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