Tiger Woods Arrest Dash Cam Video Released

Man this is upsetting. Being a 23 year old guy, I grew up knowing absolutely nothing about the world of golf except that Tiger Woods was the king of it. He stood atop the mountain loaded with all of the cash, fame, and women (Lol 2009)  he could ever imagine.

And now, in 2017, we are watching this guy crumble before our eyes. It all seemed to start during Tiger’s huge, and I mean national headlines huge, cheating scandal that took place around Thanksgiving of 2009.

We know that story by now. There were rumors. Tiger fell asleep. His now ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, sends a golf club into his car windshield when she discovers the cornucopia of women Tiger has stuffed to the side. I think that part was true. If not, just for the effect we’ll keep it in here at Couch Guy Sports.

Ever since that incident Tiger has plummeted and his career has never been the same. The once absurdly dominant golfer hasn’t picked up a Major win since 2009, or even a PGA tour tournament win since 2013.

He has been riddled with back injuries left and right and has attempted a few comebacks before dropping out of  tournaments before the weekend’s end.

And finally, just a couple of weeks ago, if that, Tiger comes out and says that he feels the best he has in a long time. His return was on the horizon once again and the world was waiting. Well kind of.

Anddddd then he BLEW it. Get it? Breathalyzer? Blew it? Zinger, baby.

To catch up on the story you can read the breaking news blog and then the update blog. Admittedly, the breaking news blog wasn’t loaded with to much information or crazy accuracy because that’s really all of the information we had at the time.

But now we know the facts. Tiger’s car was on the side of the road with the right blinker on. Two tires were absolutely mauled. And Tiger was found passed out behind the wheel of his car. He blames it on a bad mix of prescription drugs. I don’t buy it.

Sure, he blew a 0.0 for alcohol. Fine. But come on. What are you doing at that time in the morning popping your medication? Now, they could have been prescribed but my initial thought is that he was abusing them and taking them at will for a little buzzy buzz.

So here it is… The dash cam video:

And a quick side note before I end this blog. By far the best part is when the officer asks him to recite the alphabet and when asked if he understood his reply was to “sing the National Anthem backwards”. Laugh. Out. Loud. Funny. If you are able to do that the cop should immediately let you go and buy you some Mickey D’s up the street for that incredible talent.

Written By: Nick Quags (@NickQuag)

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