BREAKING NEWS: Tiger Woods Arrested For A DUI Monday Morning

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods was arrested last night for driving under the influence in Jupiter, Florida around 3AM.

He was taken into custody on Military Trail South of Indian Creek Parkway.

Woods was released this morning at 10:50AM.

What a dig this has to be for woods. The other day it comes out that he feels better than he has in AGES and now he’s being arrested for driving under the influence. If you’re not being beaten senseless by a mad woman with a golf club, why not get arrested for a DUI? This guy just can’t catch a break.

And DUI’s are so tricky. He could have been slammed, and he could have barely been at the legal limit. Now believe me, I’m not saying ANYBODY should drive drunk. If you do I lose some respect for you, I’ll be honest. You’re putting other people’s lives in danger for your dumbass decision. But man this is a bad look for Tiger.

He continuously attempts to make a comeback to the PGA, people get excited to see if there’s potential for Tiger of old to come back, and then he craps the bed and exits early.

No matter how many videos that come out of him swinging at a golf simulator, I’m just not going to trust it. How is this man still attempting a comeback? He has tried and tried and tried. At this point this sexual deviant should just retire and chill at his million dollar mansion on top of the millions of dollars he has stuffed away in the bank.

I feel like this is a guy that we are all rooting for to make a comeback too just based on what he meant to the sport. He was polarizing. People flocked to the course to see this guy smash some balls which, after golfing yesterday, I have a new appreciation for… Golf kinda sucks but you have to do it. It’s just an obligation you need to do when you get older.

Come on Tiger, we need you back on the PGA. The PGA is LOADED with stars right now. And adding a serviceable Tiger Woods into the mix would be electric.

UPDATE: Woods blew a 0.0 on the breathalyzer and claims that it was a bad mix of prescription drugs that caused this incident. Oooooooookay buddy.

Written By: Nick Quags (@NickQuag)

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