NBA Finals, Cavaliers vs. Warriors

We finally get to watch the two best teams in the NBA go at in a 7 game series for a third time. I briefly want to go over the NBA Finals in this post, because I think this series will get interesting very fast. I am going to go over the starting five positions for each team and then I will give you my prediction for the finals at the end. 

The LeBron and Durant matchup is the only matchup that may end up in a tie for the Warriors and Cavaliers. LeBron is the best player in the world, but Durant is getting to that level. However, LeBron is the underdog in this series and we all know what happens when people tell LeBron he is an underdog. Durant also has the most pressure on his back in this series. If he does not win a championship, then him signing with Golden State will look like a terrible move. Durant signing with the Warriors was a win a championship or bust decision, so he really needs to show the world he made the right move.

I have only told a few people this, but I think Kyrie Irving is a better overall player than Steph Curry. That may sound crazy to you, but look at some of the stats. Curry is no doubt the better shooter, scorer, and maybe even a defender, but he is absolutely not a smart player. To me turning over the ball is HUGE, and that’s was Curry does more than Irving.  Just look at last year’s Finals. Curry was turning over the ball left and right and he was also taking the stupidest shots from way beyond the arc while being double teamed. Irving does not take those stupid shots, and I would rather have him as my team’s point guard going forward.

However, the Warriors do have an advantage at the shooting guard position. Thompson vs JR Smith is actually a great matchup and it could go either way. If you have watched the Warriors play this postseason, you may have seen that Thompson was not involved that much. JR Smith has been involved in the Cavaliers offense and always seems to be in the middle of things. Thompson is the smarter player and better shooter so I am giving the advantage to the Warriors.

At this moment, Kevin Love has the upper hand on Draymond Green. Love is SUPER hot right now and he is looking like he use to play back in Minnesota. Green is a phenomenal defender that can also step outside and shot, but I just think that Love has more fire power. His height advantage should allow him to get better quality looks over Green. I am going to get this position a tie since both of these players can get hot at any moment and change the outcome of any game.

Now for the center position, the Cavaliers easily take the advantage. Tristan Thompson is leaps and bounds better than ZaZa and Magee. This is an easy win for the Cavaliers at this position.

The Cavaliers are the better rebounding team and have the better clutch scorers…

Do not get me wrong, this series will be extremely competitive. The Cavaliers may have the edge at almost every position, but not by much. I am predicting the Cavaliers to win in the championship in 6 games.

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Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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