Tiger’s DUI Updated Info

Okay so we all know what happened with Tiger over the weekend. He was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and also illegally parking. Of course all the claims came out that he is now an alcoholic and has gone back to his ways of hanging around the party crew. Memes came out and the media harassed him for the “poor decisions” he made the night before. So I don’t know if you read the reports but let’s just clear some things up. I’m going to be defending Tiger as much as I can.


So for starters, Tiger had no alcohol in his system. He blew a .000 on the breathalyzer test he took. So no, alcohol was not involved and he was not out cruising drunk risking his life and others. The report also stated that Tiger was fully cooperative and did everything he could without any questions. They read him his rights and suggested he just keep his mouth shut. Instead Tiger said he would like a urine test to be conducted as well. Tiger is claiming that his body acted differently to the drugs he has been taking due to his recent surgeries he has had.


The report stated that when approached Tiger was asleep at the wheel. When awoken he was misspoken, stumbling over words and disoriented from what was happening. He also did not know where he was and how far away he was from his house. Tiger stated he was heading home but was actually going in the direction away from his house. Tiger also failed the other sobriety tests conducted such as standing on one leg, walking in a straight line and starting the alphabet backwards. He was constantly asking for directions and was dazed and confused for most of the time.


Now I’m not really sure what the actual story is and how prescribed medication can affect you to the state that Tiger was in but we will get more results when the urine test comes back. So for now I am not saying anything bad about Tiger because he was not drunk and his body could have reacted this way from medication. We will see but I suggest everyone shutting their mouth until all the facts come out.


Written By: Coop (@jcoop2667)

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